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Baxter Black, DVM: Cowboy Mentality

Baxter Black, DVM:  Cowboy Mentality

I ran into Randy in the airport. He was draggin’ his right hind leg like an escaped convict tryin’ to cover his tracks. I could see it had taken him a while to pull his pant leg on over the swollen knee. He side-slid to a stop to visit for a minute.

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To ensure a healthy breeding bull, feed enough energy and protein.

To ensure a healthy breeding bull, feed enough energy and protein.

Heather Smith Thomas

Angus Beef Bulletin Extra

Young bulls are still growing, so they need adequate energy and protein to supply their needs for growth, as well as maintenance, body condition and body heat on a cold winter day. According to John McKinnon, professor and Saskatchewan beef industry chair at the University of Saskatchewan, a bull’s nutrient requirements during winter depend a lot on his age, body condition after coming off pasture and what your target weight is for that bull for the next breeding season.

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Skills needed for a bull market

Skills needed for a bull market

Robert Fears

The Eagle

If your herd genetics are of the quality that other producers are willing to buy for herd improvement, then you have a potential bull market. To create a true breeding bull enterprise, purebred or crossbred animals that are subject to registration with a breed association are desirable. As with any enterprise, marketing skills and a product, that people want, are required to create a market.

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Twenty tips for winter feeding cattle

Twenty tips for winter feeding cattle

Alberta Agriculture

In an era of BSE and trade restrictions, predicting cattle prices can be difficult. However, by carefully managing herds, producers can optimize their profit potential.  Susan Markus, a beef specialist with Alberta Agriculture, says cattle producers can increase their profits by making a few changes to the way they maintain their herds.

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Tally Time: Troubleshooting Poor Pregnancy Rates

Tally Time: Troubleshooting Poor Pregnancy Rates

Sandy Johnson, Extension

Kansas State University

From time to time, you hear through the grapevine that someone’s herd had an unusually high number of open cows at fall preg check time.  That is when you wipe your brow and say “glad that didn’t happen to my herd”!   In some cases, the poor reproductive response is isolated to a particular pasture, bull or age/management group and the origin of the problem may be easier to find

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Vaccination Programs for the Cow/Calf Operation

Vaccination Programs for the Cow/Calf Operation

University of Missouri

Disease prevention is of utmost importance in a cow-calf operation because it is a low profit margin enterprise. Adequate nutrition, strategic deworming, sanitation and a well designed vaccination program are all necessary to maintain herd health.

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Mineral Interactions and Supplementation for Beef Cows

Mineral Interactions and Supplementation for Beef Cows

S. L. Boyles,

Ohio State University

Proper mineral and vitamin nutrition contributes to strong immune systems, reproductive  performance, and calf weight gain. Pasture forage is the most significant contributor to  the trace mineral nutrition of grazing beef cattle. Mineral supplementation in beef cattle can be divided into two broad categories, macro-minerals and micro-minerals.

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Treating internal parasites in cattle herds protects producer profits

Treating internal parasites in cattle herds protects producer profits

Dr. Jason Banta

Texas A&M AgriLife

“Deworming is just one of those proactive management strategies ranchers perform to avoid the consequences of parasite infection,” he said. “If a producer is seeing signs of infection, we’ve already lost production, and that leads to reduced income.”

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Sustainability is worth how much?

Sustainability is worth how much?

Wes Ishmael
Beef Magazine

Researchers crunched the numbers and came up with a dollar amount on your sustainability efforts. While not exact numbers, quantification like this provides the cattle business the necessary ammunition to defend and advocate the use of cattle to maintain and improve the environment, while transforming feedstuffs inedible by humans into high-quality protein humans can consume.

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7 things every small cattle producer should know

7 things every small cattle producer should know

Joe Paschal

Victoria Advocate

Size is relative in Texas. According to the 2012 USDA Census of Agriculture, the most recent survey, almost half of the state’s cowherd is in herds of 100 head or more, but they represent less than 10 percent of farms and ranches. The 90 percent of us own the other half of the cows.

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