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Avoiding Generalized Genetic Mishap

Avoiding Generalized Genetic Mishap

Travis Meteer

University of Illinois

One of the most exciting technologies in the cattle industry today is the expanded use of genomics. The ability to explain a portion of an animal’s genetic potential can lead to great leaps in selection and improvement of cattle genetics.

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Building A Herd Health Program

Building A Herd Health Program

Rob Eirich

University of Nebraska

Cattlemen have demonstrated a commitment to the integrity of today’s beef products by implementing sound cattle management practices. Consumers are looking for beef raised in a healthy and safe environment. An appropriate Herd Health Program ensures that all cattle are raised in the best health.

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Evaluate rental rates before renewing

Evaluate rental rates before renewing


Farm & Ranch Guide

With recent changes in grain and livestock markets as well as shifting land values, those renting grazing land may like to review what they are paying for grazing resources, says Miranda Meehan, North Dakota State University-Extension livestock environmental-stewardship specialist.

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Girl fights to keep her grand champion market lamb title amid allegations by the Kansas State Fair

Girl fights to keep her grand champion market lamb title amid allegations by the Kansas State Fair


You’ve heard of inflated egos – but this is a story of an allegedly inflated ewe. Kansas State Fair officials are dealing with their own performance enhancement scandal after the winner of the grand champion market lamb was stripped of her title and winnings for “unethical fitting.”

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What’s the cattlemen’s beef? Washington

What’s the cattlemen’s beef? Washington

Washington Times

“I do not believe it was the intent of Congress to disenfranchise communities like mine when laws like FLPMA and the Wilderness Act were originally enacted, but that is certainly where we have ended up,” Mr. Cook told the House Natural Resources subcommittee on oversight and investigations Wednesday.

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Rancher Calls on Congress to Address ‘Sue and Settle’ Abuse

Rancher Calls on Congress to Address ‘Sue and Settle’ Abuse

Beef USA

If family ranching operations and rural economies are going to survive another generation, Congress must address the problem of so-called “sue and settle” abuse. That’s the message that Darcy Helmick, Land Manager for Simplot Land & Livestock, stressed to Congress in subcommittee testimony today.

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Year-round Grazing Using Standing Corn for Winter Feed

Year-round Grazing Using Standing Corn for Winter Feed

Heather Smith Thomas

Angus Beef Bulletin

Research at Utah State University (USU) a few years ago looked into a year-round grazing system. Randy Wiedmeier, now a University of Missouri Extension livestock specialist, spent 25 years at USU working on range and forage projects. One project focused on using field corn to provide winter grazing after grazing irrigated pasture during the summer and fall.

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