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Mark Parker:  The Top 10 signs you’re farm folk

Mark Parker:  The Top 10 signs you’re farm folk


10. You’ve treated a child’s ‘owie’ with something you got from the vet.

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Do Your Calves Have Winter Coats?

Do Your Calves Have Winter Coats?

Kit Pharo

On Pasture

Most of us have one or two winter coats.   Sometimes we wear more than one coat at the same time.   Winter is a time of shorter days and colder temperatures.   Unless you live in the tropics, you need to wear a coat most of the time during the winter months.

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Handle livestock with less stress

Handle livestock with less stress

Jane Fyksen

Agri View

Who wouldn’t wish handling cattle would go like clockwork, especially when it seems like it rarely does? Too often working cattle stresses both man and beast, straining marriages and sometimes even resulting in injury to an animal, or worse yet, a cattle handler.

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Grass Tetany: When to Prepare

Grass Tetany: When to Prepare

Adele Harty

Bovine Veterianrian

There have been some significant temperature fluctuations across the country in the recent weeks with the warmer temperatures working to get the cool season grasses growing. With the rapid growth of these cool season grasses, specifically crested wheatgrass, and cows lactating heavily, producers should have an increased awareness of grass tetany and current risk factors.

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Thin animals that keep losing weight could have Johne’s

Thin animals that keep losing weight could have Johne’s

Eric Knock, DVM

Tri State Neighbor

Have you ever had a thin cow with diarrhea that would not put on weight? If so, you could possibly have been dealing with Johne’s disease. I regularly get questions on this condition, so this article is an attempt to provide some basic information on Johne’s (pronounced Yo-knees) disease.

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Estimated Costs of Pasture and Hay Production

Estimated Costs of Pasture and Hay Production

Steve Barnhart and Michael D. Duffy

American Cattlemen

This summarizes estimated costs of improving pasture by five different systems. For each system, both the initial cost per acre and the annual maintenance cost per acre are presented. In addition, costs of establishing alfalfa or alfalfa-grass hay meadows and annual maintenance costs for alfalfa-based hay production are presented.

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Prime, branded beef: More product, steady premiums

Prime, branded beef: More product, steady premiums

Ag News Feed

Scarcity is a fundamental economic concept that ultimately dictates the function of price for any given product or service. In general, as something becomes more scarce, price will correspondingly increase, regardless of whether the underlying cause is related to supply or demand. Conversely, declining scarcity (more abundance) generally causes the price of a service or good to also decline.

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Cash cows: Why investors are buying pregnant cattle

Cash cows: Why investors are buying pregnant cattle

Katy Scott


For $1,000 you can be the proud owner a pregnant cow in South Africa, and track her through a mobile app as she grazes, grows, and gives birth. Once your calf reaches seven months of age, it is sold to a feedlot or slaughterhouse and the return for the beef is divided among the investors.

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Johnsons prepare for busy season of AI and ET

Johnsons prepare for busy season of AI and ET

Jen Burris

Lakefield Standard

Neil Johnson grew up on Dandy Acres Angus, south of Pipestone on state Highway 23, helping his father Gregg on the family farm. Now he runs the approximately 100 cow farm 50/50 with his father. “We’re partners in it,” he said, but they both have off the farm jobs as well. Neil’s job off the farm, is still in livestock in beef cattle reproduction.

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Beef Producers Gather for “Keep Calves Healthy” Meeting

Beef Producers Gather for “Keep Calves Healthy” Meeting

John Maday


Beef cattle producers gathered in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, recently for a Keep Calves Healthy meeting sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim (BI). Producers had the opportunity to hear from industry experts on important issues and the latest ways to keep their calves healthy and improve herd performance.

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