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Baxter Black, DVM:    Just Say No

Baxter Black, DVM:    Just Say No


– my brother says it works every time!

– I know Pinto took her out, but she’s not that kind of girl!

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Make hay while the sun shines

Make hay while the sun shines


Do we really appreciate the food producers in the country? Especially, the cattle farmers? To be successful, area cattlemen are dependent upon Mother Nature to make sure one of the herds main food sources – hay – is plentiful. This year, it all seems to be coming together better than in years past.

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Common traits of successful ranches

Common traits of successful ranches

Cassidy Woolsey

Progressive Cattleman

At the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Convention held earlier this year, Rick Machen of the King Ranch Institute for Ranch Management outlined what he believes to be the key components of successful ranches. Although many others have addressed this topic, his intent was to “package the idea a little differently.”

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What Size Cow Is Right for Grass-Finishing?

What Size Cow Is Right for Grass-Finishing?

John Marble

On Pasture

Personally, we don’t produce grass-fed beef, at least not to any great extent. We do produce and sell a certain amount of grass-fed burger for friends and family. Our guarantee is that we don’t supply any grain, supplements, hormones, etc. and that we try to do a good job taking care of our land.

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Genetics, part of systems approach

Genetics, part of systems approach

Lynn Grooms


Gary Zimmer, founder of Midwestern BioAg, has worked with Daniel and Linda Marquardt of Hillside Pastures in Spring Green, Wisconsin, on a systems approach to grass-fed beef production – balancing the management of soil, forages, grazing and genetics.

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Fresh Grocery Produce as a Supplement for Livestock Feed

Fresh Grocery Produce as a Supplement for Livestock Feed

V. Fellner, J.M. Rice and M. Boersig

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

The fact that almost a third of the annual food produced in the United States is not consumed by humans has drawn wide attention in recent years. Typically, 97% of wasted food is disposed in landfills. The use of food waste as animal feed is one partial solution to this problem. Grocery stores in the United States generate significant amounts of food scraps from trimmings and other excess product that has deteriorated beyond saleable quality for human consumption.

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Early career agribusiness professional development training series available

Early career agribusiness professional development training series available

Phil Kaatz

Michigan State University

When new agribusiness employees begin to visit farms as part of their work duties, farmers indicate they prefer interacting with agribusiness professionals who have some practical on-farm knowledge. As the current agribusiness workforce ages and many retire, our land grant universities have fewer graduates with practical hands-on farm experience to fill those positions. Michigan State University Extension’s series, “Bridging the Experience Gap”, provides early career agribusiness professionals with hands-on training and experience in many different aspects of agriculture.

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Stacking the AI odds in your favor

Stacking the AI odds in your favor

Eric Knock

Tri-State Neighbor

Artificial insemination is a valuable tool for cattle producers. It allows us access to proven genetics and the quality of cattle that most of us could not afford if we had to purchase individual bulls. One of the most common uses of AI is to use a proven, consistent bull for heifers. This has made calving heifers a much easier process.

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Trump’s Budget Blueprint Includes Cuts to Farm Programs

Trump’s Budget Blueprint Includes Cuts to Farm Programs


President Donald Trump’s budget hasn’t been released yet, but that’s not stopping some of Capitol Hill’s most important Republicans from giving it a cold shoulder. Trump’s blueprint for the 2018 budget year comes out Tuesday, and it’s certain to include a wave of cuts to benefit programs such as Medicaid, food stamps, federal employee pensions and farm subsidies.

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Feeding Management Reduces Weak Calves

Feeding Management Reduces Weak Calves


Calving season comes with less stress when calves are born with abundant vigor. “The aggressive calf that actively seeks the first nursing of colosturm is a welcome sight,” says Karl Hoppe, the North Dakota State University Extension Service’s area livestock systems specialist at the Carrington Research Extension Center.

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