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Mark Parker:   The Top 10 best auctioneer lines

Mark Parker:   The Top 10 best auctioneer lines


10. You can tell by the nice clean puddle underneath the tractor that oil has been changed regularly.

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There Aren’t Enough Slaughterhouses to Support the Farm-to-Table Economy

There Aren’t Enough Slaughterhouses to Support the Farm-to-Table Economy


Deena Shanker

The numbers are stark. In 1967 there were 9,627 livestock (cattle, calf, hog and sheep) slaughtering establishments in the U.S. That same year, Congress passed the Wholesome Meat Act, requiring producers to use a USDA-inspected facility if they sell meat across state lines. A mass consolidation of the meat industry followed. Today, commodity meat is dominated by large companies. Just four companies sell about 85% of America’s beef and the pork and chicken markets are similarly controlled by huge corporations. By 2016, there were only about 1,100 federally inspected meat and poultry slaughterhouses in the country.

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A Good Bull Pays His Own Way

A Good Bull Pays His Own Way

Victoria Myers

Progressive Farmer

Putting a new face in the bull pen has become a pricey move. Depending on the bull, most commercial cattle operations are looking at spending $3,000 for those muscled-up genetics. But he’s really an investment for the entire operation.

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Taste over tactics?

Taste over tactics?


When I went to the dentist a few weeks ago she was telling me about getting ready for a small family party for her son’s First Holy Communion. Her mother, who lives near Minneapolis, told her to buy pasture-raised beef for the party. “I can taste the difference,” stated the grandmother. So, like an obedient child, the dentist went to the local butcher shop and proceeded to buy $40 worth of pastured beef. She also requested organic vegetables. But that suggestion was squashed.

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Select Sires Names D.R. Monke Production Center

Select Sires Names D.R. Monke Production Center

Select Sires has dedicated the European Union-qualified barns at their Plain City, Ohio facility as the D.R. Monke Production Center in honor of retiring vice president of production operations, Dr. Donald Roy Monke. Completed in 2010, these are bio-secure, environmentally friendly production facilities that house bulls qualified for semen shipment to any location in the world.

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A Case for Composting

A Case for Composting

Troy Smith

Angus Journal

Usually, farm and ranch kids learn early about the circle of life. When you’re raised around livestock, there can be many opportunities to witness births of animals and deaths. Kids learn that despite good husbandry practices, some newborn calves don’t survive, and cattle of all ages can and do die from the effects of disease and injury.

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Iowa Cattlemen cheer plan to boost beef exports to China

Iowa Cattlemen cheer plan to boost beef exports to China

Rod Swoboda

Wallaces Farmer

The Trump administration’s May 11 announcement of an important new development in the restoration of U.S. beef access to China brought cheers from Iowa cattle producers.  “With market access closed for U.S. beef to China for the past 13 years, this is welcome news for American beef producers,” says Mike Cline, president of the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association. “The beef community thanks President Trump for making U.S. beef trade a priority.”

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