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The First-calf Heifer Conundrum

The First-calf Heifer Conundrum

Dr. Jason Smith

University of Tennessee

First-calf heifers.  Let’s face it – we all struggle with them at least to some degree.  And it’s an issue that we face not just here in Tennessee, but across the entire country.  If one comes up open, we’re faced with one of two choices.  The first (and recommended) is to sell her, which will generally result in an overall loss on that female.

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Don’t forget about your cows’ mineral needs this grazing season

Don’t forget about your cows’ mineral needs this grazing season

Tim Clark

Progressive Cattleman

Most cow-calf producers look forward to pasture turnout for many reasons – reduced labor being one of the biggest. Rather than “kicking your cattle to the curb” this season, make sure to offer a quality mineral supplement that provides consistent daily intake of essential minerals and vitamins. Your pregnancy rates will improve and so will the overall health of your cow herd.

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Developing a Reproductive Vaccination Program

Developing a Reproductive Vaccination Program

Bovine Veterinarian

At the herd level, low pregnancy rates, abortions and calf deaths are some of the real economic losses associated with inadequate fetal protection against reproductive diseases. Protecting the health of the unborn calf is important not only to the vitality of the calf but also the cow’s well-being and future productivity. A healthy productive cowherd can help improve the financial health of a cow/calf operation.

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10 Traits: Of a successful grazing land manager

10 Traits: Of a successful grazing land manager

The Cattle Business Weekly

Jeff Goodwin

Private lands in the U.S. are undergoing significant changes. For example, more than 1 acre of farmland is lost per minute – often due to urban development. As an example, southern states like Texas, gain on average 1,400 people moving in per day.

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Shade systems work to help cattle keep their cool

Shade systems work to help cattle keep their cool

Janelle Atyeo

Tri-State Neighbor

When the weather turns unbearably hot this summer, Ron Broz will be prepared. Broz raises cattle five miles southeast of Tyndall in southeastern South Dakota. A couple years ago, he built his own shade for one of his cattle yards, and this year he will add two more from a South Dakota company. Rush-Co, based in nearby Springfield, used ideas from his self-made shade to design its first cattle shade for the market.

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Ending NAFTA Would Be The Disaster

Ending NAFTA Would Be The Disaster

AG News Feed

The primary benefits from trade go to consumers, who improve their standard of living through the lower prices and greater variety of goods provided by trade. But trade also benefits the economy overall by leading to increased specialization and productivity, both of which lead to greater long-term economic growth and better lives for people across income levels.

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SD ranchers who lost their whole herd due to TB, rely on faith, famiy and friends to move forward

SD ranchers who lost their whole herd due to TB, rely on faith, famiy and friends to move forward

Carrie Stadheim

The Fence Post

It is impossible to put into words the fear that the word tuberculosis strikes in your heart and your gut. You fear for yourself, your family, your cattle, your horses, your dogs, your cats and your neighbors. The only way we could combat it and push back the fear was to go to the Lord in prayer, trust and have faith in God that He would get us through this nightmare.

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Farm Bill supporters challenged to focus on the long-game of science

Farm Bill supporters challenged to focus on the long-game of science

Bill Tomson


When President Abraham Lincoln signed the Morrill Act into law in 1862, he set in motion the development of a system of land grant colleges and helped create the foundation for U.S. agricultural research that’s endured until today.

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Vaccinating Calves

Vaccinating Calves

Heather Smith Thomas

Angus Media

Colostrum provides newborn calves temporary immunity from disease via maternal antibodies. After a few weeks, calves must start building their own immunities. Vaccinating calves at the proper time can help. Vaccinating too soon, however, may not stimulate immune response. If the calf still has maternal antibodies in its system, these may interfere with building its own immunities.

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A High-Production Grazing Plan

A High-Production Grazing Plan

Wyatt Bechtel


Cyclically lower calf prices mean your management is more critical than ever. If you want to increase your payday next fall, the grazing plans you implement over the next few weeks could have a dramatic impact on the success of your business this year and in years to come. Grazing management has a large impact on your bottom line.

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