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Relationships and Planning: Keys to Marketing Success

Relationships and Planning: Keys to Marketing Success

Maggie Malson

The Cattleman

As a marketing professor at Stephen F. Austin State University, Marlene Kahla teaches the concept of relationship building to her students in the Nelson Rusche College of Business. “We emphasize in the classroom and in life the importance of building relationships, and how it relates to marketing,” Kahla says. “There will always be a better animal out there to buy. There will always be people willing to pay more for something. But people buy cattle, and products, from people.”

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What Consumers Want? Understanding the Controversial Social Issues Changing the Beef Industry

What Consumers Want? Understanding the Controversial Social Issues Changing the Beef Industry

Oklahoma Farm Report

“Safety and freshness are the two biggest attributes,” he said. “It’s been cross-validated many, many times that if you can only pick two things – safety and freshness in beef is what is most important.” However, those aspects are not what are considered to be part of the social debate going on currently among the consumer base and its influencers. Safety to a degree, yes says Tonsor, but more so about controversial matters such as the hormone and antibiotic free trend, animal well-being, environmental impacts of production, origin labelling, etc.

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Hundreds of Cows Killed or Still Lost Southeast Colorado Blizzard

Hundreds of Cows Killed or Still Lost Southeast Colorado Blizzard

Northern AG

A rare spring blizzard slammed extreme western Kansas, southeast Colorado and the panhandles of Texas and Oklahoma April 29-30. In some places the snow was measured in feet and winds up to 60 mph left drifts that were reported to be at least 10 feet high.  Now ranchers across the area are busy searching for hundreds of missing cattle that either died during the storm or survived but are now lost. In just Baca County, Colorado, officials are estimating some 400 cows died in the storm.

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EPA sends WOTUS repeal rule to White House

EPA sends WOTUS repeal rule to White House

AG News Feed

The Environmental Protection Agency sent a proposal to the White House Office of Management & Budget to repeal the waters of the U.S. (WOTUS) rule, in accordance with President Donald Trump’s executive order to repeal and replace the rule.

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First U.S. beef shipment arrives in Brazil after 13-year ban

First U.S. beef shipment arrives in Brazil after 13-year ban

Bill Tomson


t took a little more than 13 years, but the U.S. is again exporting beef to Brazil after a prolonged ban that started when bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) was first discovered in the U.S. in 2003. That’s welcome news to  U.S. cattle ranchers and packers, but there is still some animosity in the industry about a recent decision by the U.S. to lift its ban on fresh and chilled beef from Brazil.

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Yard sale

Yard sale

Rachel Spencer

The Fence Post

In the wake of the sale of Cargill’s beef cattle feedyards in Leoti, Kan., and Yuma, Colo., the future of packer-owned beef cattle feedyards has been in question. But, in the end, the motivation appears to be all about business.

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A beef quiz

A beef quiz

Business Farmer

All right, put on your thinking caps, folks, because in honor of May, I have a little quiz for you. May is National Beef Month, so we could talk about how healthy, nutritious and great beef is. But, since this is an ag newspaper, that would only be preaching to the choir.

Instead, I did this little test to see if you beef producers know your stuff. Ready?

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Farm Family Insists on ‘Happy’ Life for Their Cattle

Farm Family Insists on ‘Happy’ Life for Their Cattle

Lancaster Farming

“Do farmers ever become emotionally attached to their livestock and feel remorse when they are eaten?” is a topic question of a forum on the website Quora. It’s a common question posed by individuals who have never lived, worked or visited a farm.

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Beef producers manage through tough time

Beef producers manage through tough time

Benjamin Herrold

Iowa Farmer Today

Jim Humphrey knows times have changed for cattle producers over the last few years, with prices significantly declining from historic highs. Humphrey, a University of Missouri livestock specialist based in Andrew County, says beef cattle producers in his northwest Missouri region have really felt the difference.

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Keeping Your Herd STD Free

Keeping Your Herd STD Free

Angus Beef Bulletin

Avoid a reproductive wreck by keeping costly diseases at bay. Trichomoniasis, or trich, is a costly STD that can quickly spread during breeding season, reducing your calf crop by more than 50%. There is currently no approved treatment for trich, and with such a volatile beef market, it’s a disease beef producers can’t afford to ignore. The reasons behind the harsh impact trich has on beef herds is threefold.

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