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Baxter Black, DVM: Ike’s Tour

Baxter Black, DVM: Ike’s Tour

Bein’ a country vet, I’ve had my share of emergency calls regarding escaped animals. Feeder steers in City Park, buffalo at the mall or snakes in the school yard.

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Researchers Create Headlines Tying Processed and Red Meat to Cancer

Researchers Create Headlines Tying Processed and Red Meat to Cancer

Chris Clayton


Headlines came out early Monday. "Processed Meat Causes Cancer; Red Meat Probably Does, Too." "Hot dogs, bacon and other processed meats cause cancer, World Health Organization declares." I was watching the discussion at a hotel breakfast room while eating a couple of fairly bland sausage patties.

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Beets make good feed and grow in tough conditions

Beets make good feed and grow in tough conditions

Tri State Livestock News

Nutrition and production are among the issues highlighted in the 2015 North Dakota Beef Report. Feeding sugar beets to livestock, reproductive performance monitoring and the effects of storing large round hay bales outside were among the beef cattle topics North Dakota State University researchers studied in the past year.

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Rethink abrupt weaning

Rethink abrupt weaning

Brent Meyer

Bovine Veterinarian

We’ve talked in the BRD Report blog about the need to spread out the stressors associated with weaning. Pulling calves from their dam and shipping them to a feedyard, all within a very short time period, places them under tremendous stress and can seriously impair their ability to fight off disease.What happens when calves are put under such stress?

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Is Antibiotic Use in Animals a Concern?

Is Antibiotic Use in Animals a Concern?


A report released by a group of six consumer interest, public health and environmental organizations raised questions about the use of antibiotics in meat and poultry products offered at 25 of the nation’s largest fast food and fast casual restaurants. The report, entitled “Chain Reaction – How top restaurants rate on reducing use of antibiotics in their meat supply” provides grades to restaurants depending on their ‘Antibiotic Use Policy’.

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All Dairy Farmers are Beef Farmers

All Dairy Farmers are Beef Farmers

Rachel Gilker

On Pasture

“Every dairy farmer is a beef farmer, they just don’t want to admit it,” says Myron Martin of Peace Hollow Farm, an organic, grassfed dairy in Maryland. So, though Martin is a dairy farmer, he’s breeding his herd to work in both markets. He sells beef alongside dairy products at his farm stand trailer, which he describes as a  “redneck drive-thru,” and via wholesale around his local area.

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Five tips to prepare for a silage switch

Five tips to prepare for a silage switch

Farm and Ranch Guide

In the fall many dairy producers see slumps in production and feed intake. This is often due to an abrupt change from old corn silage to green chop or recently fermented corn silage.

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