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Review Nutritional Tools to Enhance Performance

Review Nutritional Tools to Enhance Performance

by: Stephen B. Blezinger, PhD, PAS

Cattle Today

Cattle producers are in a constant search for ways to save money or improve productivity and profits. This has been especially true over the last few years when forages have been in short supply due to drought conditions around the country, high feed costs or more recently to take advantage of strong markets.

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Digesting cattle facts: How well do you know your ruminants?

Digesting cattle facts: How well do you know your ruminants?

Cassidy Woolsey

Progressive Cattleman

Most producers would probably agree things would be a whole lot easier if cattle could talk. Managing and caring for these animals would be more productive if we knew simple things, like why they aren’t eating, what’s making them sick – and maybe even a few suggestions on pen dynamics and supplementation would be a plus.

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Select Sires to build two new facilities

Select Sires to build two new facilities

Bovine Veterinarian

The Select Sires board of directors, consisting of dairy and beef producers from across the country, recently voted to build new facilities to accommodate current and future growth.

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Investment in watering facilities was this South Dakota rancher’s best decision.

Investment in watering facilities was this South Dakota rancher’s best decision.

Kindra Gordon

Angus Journal

Access to water for the cow herd is one  of the biggest challenges ranchers face. In western South Dakota, rancher Monte Reichert says, “We were always out of water, or cows were watering out of a little mud hole.”

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Optimal Immunity, Minimal Trauma Help to Lessen Beef Cattle Lameness

Optimal Immunity, Minimal Trauma Help to Lessen Beef Cattle Lameness


Beef cattle lameness can originate from both physical and psychological trauma, according to Tom Noffsinger, D.V.M., Production Animal Consultation, Benkelman, Nebraska. Noffsinger was among three featured speakers at Zinpro Corporation beef-cattle lameness prevention seminars held recently in Dubuque, Iowa; West Point, Nebraska; and Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

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Grass Growth and Response to Grazing

Grass Growth and Response to Grazing

Joe Trlica

On Pasture

Grasses are the dominant plants in most forage-based enterprises throughout the world. Whether livestock graze native rangeland or tame pastures, grasses usually are the basis of the energy and nutrients for animal growth and maintenance.

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Preconditioning BQA: Facility considerations

Preconditioning BQA: Facility considerations

Joe Darrington


Preconditioning is a set of management decisions relating to vaccination, weaning, nutrition and housing that maximize health and future growth potential of cattle in the feed yard.  Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) not only focuses on injection site location and vaccine handling, but also speaks to how we transition our calves to the feedlot.

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Prussic acid alert — both North and South

Prussic acid alert — both North and South

Hay and Forage Grower

The potential for prussic acid (hydrocyanic acid) poisoning has made several appearances on the forage newswire this past week, but for more than one reason. In the North, there is the threat of an impending frost; farther south, ongoing drought conditions present the risk.

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Tools of the soil trade

Tools of the soil trade

Laura Nelson

Progressive Forage Grower

Monitoring the amount of bare ground, plant diversity, worms in times of moisture and the smell and feel of the soil will give quick indicators of a ranch’s below-ground health.

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Mark Parker:  The Top Ten events in farmer paradise

Mark Parker:  The Top Ten events in farmer paradise


10. The guy to the south complains every shower passes just to the north of him.

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