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Managed weaning.

Managed weaning.

Justin Sexten

Angus Beef Bulletin Extra

Weaning is one of the most stressful times for calves due to health challenges and dietary changes. By managing to minimize stress at this stage, you’ll also minimize shrink and give calves the best opportunity to meet their genetic potential for growth and carcass merit later.

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Cattle Diseases:  The Nasty Seven

Cattle Diseases:  The Nasty Seven

Clay Coppedge

DTN/Progressive Farmer

From the commercial cow herd to the feedlot, cattle diseases are a growing concern. Veterinarians are stressing the importance of keeping herd health and biosecurity top of mind, as they will have a large impact on safety and profit levels going forward.

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Court halts WOTUS rule enforcement

Court halts WOTUS rule enforcement

American Farm Bureau Federation

The Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit today ordered the EPA to stop enforcement nationwide of the Waters of the United States rule. In doing so, the Cincinnati-based court recognized that this rule has serious flaws and cannot go forward until the courts have had an opportunity to understand its effect on farmers, ranchers and landowners of all kinds, American Farm Bureau Federation President Bob Stallman said in a statement.

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Purdue alumni to be recognized Oct. 21

Purdue alumni to be recognized Oct. 21

Morning AG Clips

The Purdue University Department of Animal Sciences will honor six alumni with Distinguished Animal Sciences Alumni Awards. Alumni are selected based on demonstrated excellence in industry, academia, governmental service, or other endeavors as exemplified by leadership, community service and professional accomplishments.

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Prepping Livestock for Winter Feed

Prepping Livestock for Winter Feed

Karen Hoffman

On Pasture

If you’ve been measuring your pasture growth, you have likely noticed that it doesn’t seem to be growing back as quickly.  That means that, depending on how you manage at your place, soon your livestock may be eating stored forages.

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Why have a calving season?

Why have a calving season?

Glenn Selk


One of the most asked questions in the cattle industry in the Southern United States: If I "pull" the bulls out for part of the year, won’t I lose an opportunity to get a few calves? Should I leave the bull out with cows year-round?

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Corn residue: A valuable grazing resource

Corn residue: A valuable grazing resource

Hay And Forage Grower

As combines roll, they leave behind a conglomeration of corn leaves, husks and stalks. Farmers figured out many years ago that this corn residue can provide a relatively low-cost source of nutrition for beef cows through the late fall and winter months.

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Beware of botulinum toxins in under-fermented baleage

Beware of botulinum toxins in under-fermented baleage

Melissa Bravo

Progressive Forage Grower

For many forage producers in the Northeast, the weather has finally given a window to mow late-planted peas and oats for baleage. In fact, a lot of hay has been made into baleage this year all over the country, and some of that was put up just a bit too wet.

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Purdue veterinarian: Farmers should test hay to ensure adequate nutrition for cattle

Purdue veterinarian: Farmers should test hay to ensure adequate nutrition for cattle

Chelsea Clodfelder

Ag Answers

A Purdue University veterinarian urges livestock farmers to test their hay before relying on it as the sole ration for their cattle this year because a very wet spring delayed some harvests.

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BLM Land Grab

BLM Land Grab


Ken Aderholt was born in Harrold, Texas, and grew up on the state border.  Aderholt’s family has been running cattle on land near the Red River since 1941.   "It has been running through generations and handed on down to me," Aderholt said.

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