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BeefTalk: I Don’t Feel Well Today

BeefTalk: I Don’t Feel Well Today

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

The other day, I was enjoying a nice fall afternoon and viewing this year’s calves on ample pastures. Their mothers were keeping a trusting eye on their calves, with no indication the calves’ world soon would change because weaning time is fast approaching.

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Feed in the belly means weight on the cattle

Feed in the belly means weight on the cattle


If they don’t eat, they won’t gain. If they don’t eat, their health status can be compromised. In short, if they don’t eat, nothing good happens. “When it comes to increasing cattle productivity, half the battle is getting cattle to belly up to the feed bunk and eat,” says Angel Aguilar, PhD, Dipl. ACAN, technical services manager, Lallemand Animal Nutrition.

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Feeding guidelines for high-inclusion corn silage

Feeding guidelines for high-inclusion corn silage

Bill Seglar

Progressive Cattleman

Success in feeding corn silage involves following a hierarchy of observations and measurements in the nutritional program. The corn silage evaluation plan becomes essential when evaluating beef rations containing higher-corn-silage inclusions.

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USDA says sustainability won’t be in dietary guidelines

USDA says sustainability won’t be in dietary guidelines

Jacqui Fatka


The Human and Health Services (HHS) and U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) currently are working together to develop the eighth edition of the Dietary Guidelines, which is scheduled to be released by the end of this calendar year. The agencies provided an update on what will and would not be included in the latest round of recommendations

So Ya Got a Blank Grazing Chart. Now What?

So Ya Got a Blank Grazing Chart. Now What?

Troy Bishopp

On Pasture

This question is certainly a good one because it’s the same one I pondered after receiving a free 12”x24” Holistic Management International ™ grazing plan & control chart back in 2010 at an Ian-Mitchell Innes workshop.  Being a simple kind of man, I approached all the columns, grazing management and animal performance targets with plenty of trepidation.

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Factors affect sustainable forage production systems

Factors affect sustainable forage production systems

Jon Biermacher

Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation

The Southern Great Plains has a comparative economic advantage in growing and managing forages for beef cattle production. Three categories of forage-based beef production systems that are common in this region include: 1) a cow-calf system that utilizes perennial native grass pastures, 2) a cow-calf system that utilizes introduced perennial pastures and 3) a stocker cattle system that utilizes annually established winter cereal forages. In the first two systems, weaned calves are supplied to the marketplace; in the third system, pounds of beef are supplied.

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Tips for answering difficult questions about your farm

Tips for answering difficult questions about your farm

Melissa Woolpert


The average American is several generations removed from the farm. Therefore, most people who purchase and enjoy the food we produce have no idea what it takes to be a farmer. It’s human nature to distrust what you don’t understand, and farming practices are no exception.

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It’s all about the VCPR

It’s all about the VCPR

John Maday

Pork Network

Upcoming changes in rules regarding the use of medicated feeds likely will cause a few headaches among producers and veterinarians, but in the long run, should promote stronger, beneficial veterinarian-client-patient relationships (VCPR).

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Purdue ag and life sciences buildings to be named for Creighton brothers, Land O’ Lakes

Purdue ag and life sciences buildings to be named for Creighton brothers, Land O’ Lakes

Jay Akridge

Ag Answers

The Purdue University Board of Trustees approved naming the Hall of Animal Sciences and the Center for Experiential Learning – facilities scheduled to open in 2017 – for the Creighton Brothers founders and Land O’ Lakes, respectively, in recognition of their gifts.

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Minnesota Beef Expo program hits milestone

Minnesota Beef Expo program hits milestone

Mark Dorenkamp

Brownfield News

The superintendent of the Minnesota Beef Expo says in the past decade 100 beef heifers have been given away as part of the event. Jamie Purfeerst tells Brownfield the Minnesota Youth Beef Experience Program is hitting a milestone this year.

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