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Building a lean, mean stocker business

Building a lean, mean stocker business

Robert Waggener

Beef Producer

Wyoming is one of the most conservative states in the nation. That’s fine with Cowboy State beef producer Jon Kirkbride because that’s exactly how his family has succeeded in the cattle business.

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Get real with beef: What’s in a name?

Get real with beef: What’s in a name?

Dr. Phil Bass

The Cattle Business Weekly

As a meat scientist, I try to be precise in referring to beef cuts. But at the same time, I must be aware of the alternative names for those cuts which may have historical, regional or marketing significance. These common names could make them more identifiable to certain folks in certain scenarios.

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Limousin breed, Tyson align to offer value-added programs to producers

Limousin breed, Tyson align to offer value-added programs to producers


Vertical cooperation between segments of the beef business has proven its value to every participant in the production chain—cow-calf producer, feedyard and packer.

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Hall Red Angus Ranch honored as Pioneer Breeder of the Year

Hall Red Angus Ranch honored as Pioneer Breeder of the Year

American Red Angus

Recognizing contributions to the breed and the continued pursuit of excellence, Hall Red Angus Ranch, Stapleton, Nebraska, was honored as 2015 Pioneer Breeder of the Year at the 2015 Red Angus Association of America National Convention, Sept., 9-11, 2015.

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Acute Bovine Pulmonary Edema and Emphysema

Acute Bovine Pulmonary Edema and Emphysema

Heather Smith Thomas

Angus Beef Bulletin Extra

Range cattle are more susceptible to lung disease going onto lush pastures. Acute bovine pulmonary edema and emphysema can occur in pastured animals when suddenly changed from dry fall pastures (or a drylot) to lush green pastures.

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Put pregnancy checking information to use

Put pregnancy checking information to use

Carl Dahlen

High Plains Journal

Checking whether cows are pregnant and culling the non-pregnant females before the winter feeding period can save producers 60 to 70 percent of their yearly beef cow maintenance expenses, according to North Dakota State University Extension Service livestock experts.

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Keep an eye on cow condition

Keep an eye on cow condition

Jay Jenkins


Fall is one of the most important times to evaluate the condition of your cows. It gives you time to take action to ensure that your cows calve in adequate body condition.

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Rhizobia = Free Nitrogen!

Rhizobia = Free Nitrogen!

Juan Alvez

On Pasture

If you’re thinking ‘germs or microbes’ you’re right! A good example is a soil bacterium genus Rhizobia, that associates with legume roots in a a mutually beneficial partnership. Rhizobia “infects” legume roots looking for the energy it needs to live (stored in plant sugars or carbohydrates).

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Conner strives to protect, improve water quality on beef cattle farm

Conner strives to protect, improve water quality on beef cattle farm

The Gazette-Virginian

Gayle Conner and her husband, Sherman, of the Bethel/Clays Mill community in Halifax County have transitioned from a tobacco farm into a beef cattle farm. During all of the years of growing tobacco she has always had cattle on the farm, but the cattle were not the main source of income for her and her family.

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Grassley: Convincing Congress on TPP won’t be easy

Grassley: Convincing Congress on TPP won’t be easy

Ken Anderson

Brownfield News

Supporters of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement are hopeful that this week’s TPP negotiations in Atlanta will result in a final agreement.

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