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North Dakota judge clarifies 13-state WOTUS ruling

North Dakota judge clarifies 13-state WOTUS ruling

Beef Producer

The judge who last week granted a preliminary injunction against the Waters of the U.S. rule in a case brought by 13 states said Friday that the injunction only applies to those states, not nationwide.

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CattleFax offers webinar on herd expansion

CattleFax offers webinar on herd expansion

Tri State Livestock News

Cow-calf margins will shrink as the U.S. beef cowherd expands, but producers can ensure future profitability by adjusting business plans for the supply increase. An upcoming free CattleFax webinar will address the scope of expansion and guide producers through the challenge.

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Umbilical Hernias Can Be Fixed

Umbilical Hernias Can Be Fixed

Dr. Ken McMillan

DTN/The Progressive Farmer

Surgery to repair umbilical hernias is often best done while a calf is young.

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The Agriculture Bubble Is Bursting : Corn, Pork & Beef Prices Will Sink With It

The Agriculture Bubble Is Bursting : Corn, Pork & Beef Prices Will Sink With It


We’re at the beginning of a multi year retrenchment (collapse in prices) in the agriculture sector. As my clients know, I think the entire agriculture commodity complex is in a historic bubble that was single handedly driven by the corn ethanol mandate, a policy that diverted 40% of the corn crop away from the food supply. Add in the nasty 2012 drought and you have an unprecedented bubble in the sector.

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Working Cattle Safely

Working Cattle Safely

Heather Smith Thomas

Angus Beef Bulletin Extra

Nora Schrag, veterinarian with the Kansas State University (K-State) College of Veterinary Medicine, says safety considerations are important when working cattle, looking at it from the point of view of the animal.

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Agenda available for upcoming Range Beef Cow Symposium

Agenda available for upcoming Range Beef Cow Symposium

John Maday


The 2015 Range Beef Cow Symposium takes place November 16 to 19, in Loveland, Colorado. This semi-annual educational event for cow-calf producers is sponsored by the animal science departments at Colorado State University, South Dakota State University, the University of Nebraska and the University of Wyoming, and the location rotates between those four states.

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Low-stress herding boosts herd instinct, decreases predation

Low-stress herding boosts herd instinct, decreases predation

Matt Barnes

Progressive Cattleman

This is an esoteric pleasure of stockmen, who can appreciate the aesthetics of a herd showing good movement, especially in a landscape where we aren’t the only carnivores – where there might be a cougar, grizzly bear or wolf nearby.

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Industry At A Glance: What’s the value of your cowherd time commitment?

Industry At A Glance: What’s the value of your cowherd time commitment?

Nevil Speer


While the data are based on the Beef ’97 survey performed by USDA’s National Animal Health Monitoring Service and are dated, the response patterns have likely not changed much over time.

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Proposal could mean forgiving student loans for U.S. farmers

Proposal could mean forgiving student loans for U.S. farmers

Kristy Foster Seachrist

Farm and Dairy

Student loans are on the minds of most college graduates, but for farmers, it can be what keeps you from reaching your goals. That is exactly what Emily Best, 31, said she feels like when it comes to long-term goals and managing the student loan debt she racked up while completing her graduate degree.

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Spend a Little, Save a Lot

Spend a Little, Save a Lot

Gary Bates


One of the great things about being a specialist with The University of Tennessee is it provides the opportunity to help producers in their operations. I feel very blessed to have a job in which I present research-based recommendations to producers to help their profitability.

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