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Baxter Black, DVM: Round of Applause

Baxter Black, DVM: Round of Applause

There’s not a piece of black rubber around their saddle horn.

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The best ag college for the money is …Stanford?

The best ag college for the money is …Stanford?

Lucas Sjostrom


On Saturday, President Obama announced a website called College Scorecard, which is likely the closest he will get to a 2013 proprosal to create a college ranking system that aimed to point out high-cost, low-quality schools. But after much disagreement from college presidents, instead of grading each school, the new website arranges colleges into categories.

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Killed, modified live, chemically altered, oh my!

Killed, modified live, chemically altered, oh my!

Rachel Endecott

Bovine Veterinarian

As summer begins its journey into fall, planning ahead for fall chores like pre-weaning vaccinations for calves might start to appear on to-do lists in cattle country. This month, I’ll focus on the differences and similarities among killed, modified live, and chemically altered vaccines.

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New Farm Bureau education app games are ‘all about beef’

New Farm Bureau education app games are ‘all about beef’

Beef Producer

The American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture released a new educational app, "All About Beef," funded in part by the Beef Checkoff. App versions of "The Steaks are High" and "Grocery Grab" are STEM-based games funded by the Beef Checkoff Program and geared toward students in grades 3-5. In addition to teaching nutrition and environmental facts, the apps also feature kid-friendly beef recipes.

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The King of Cattle Forages

The King of Cattle Forages

Boyd Kidwell

Progressive Farmer

Silage has never gone out of fashion in Bath County, Kentucky, even when the lure of $6- to $8-per-bushel grain made many producers forget about chopping corn. This season, with grain prices down and beef at historically high levels, is a good time to give corn silage a second look.

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Expert discusses cattle industry decline

Expert discusses cattle industry decline

Harold Pence

Lompoc Record

James Oltjen is a Cooperative Extension Animal Management Systems Specialist at the University of California, Davis’ Department of Animal Science. His research includes beef cattle growth, resource use in animal agriculture and animal management systems. We spoke with Oltjen about cattle ranching along the Central Coast.

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The secrets of a profitable cow

The secrets of a profitable cow

Burke Teichert


In the two weeks prior to writing this article, the stock market took a big dive and the cattle market dropped for all classes of cattle. In that same time period, I read that average ranches in Kansas have only been profitable two out of the last 10 years when all costs are considered. I have also been told that most of the ranches of 50 cows or less are dependent on the owners’ off-farm jobs to continue to operate.

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Managing Prolapses

Managing Prolapses

Heather Smith Thomas

Feedlot Magazine

Prolapses – when internal tissue bulges out of the vaginal opening of a cow – are a medical condition that cattleman need to identify and treat in order for the most favorable prognosis for the cow. Both vaginal and uterine prolapses must be corrected, but a uterine prolapse is an emergency. Uterine prolapse occurs soon after the cow calves, while vaginal prolapses generally occur before calving–sometimes as much as several weeks.

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Animal Welfare is a Top Priority for America’s Beef Producers

Animal Welfare is a Top Priority for America’s Beef Producers

Facts about Beef

Animal welfare is a contentious and passionate issue, but most importantly, a number one priority for the dedicated farmers and ranchers of the United States. The truth is that farmers and ranchers are just like you – they care about providing the highest standards of animal welfare for their livestock and are committed to preventing animal abuse.

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Hereford Demand Continues

Hereford Demand Continues

American Hereford Association

 Year-end data proves Herefords are meeting the needs of commercial cattlemen. Fiscal year 2015 was a year of continued progress and growth for the Hereford breed as commercial producers continue to find value and predictability in utilizing Hereford genetics.

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