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Baxter Black, DVM:  Stop, Look and Listen

Baxter Black, DVM:  Stop, Look and Listen

The sun had already set when Joe finally called home. Janie said, “Joe, where are you? We’ve got company coming!”

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Weaning Management Considerations

Weaning Management Considerations

Adele Harty

Beef Today

Each year it is critical that producers evaluate the current situation and make management decisions that will benefit the operation this year. Multiple factors both nationally and locally affect decisions related to weaning each year.

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Watch for cyanobacterial poisoning in livestock

Watch for cyanobacterial poisoning in livestock

Farm and Ranch Guide

Livestock producers need to watch for blue-green algae because it is toxic to animals, North Dakota State University Extension Service livestock experts warn. “The hot, dry, calm days common in late summer are the perfect catalyst for the production of cyanobacteria, widely known as blue-green algae,” Extension livestock environmental stewardship specialist Miranda Meehan says.

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Is creep feeding an answer to your pasture woes?

Is creep feeding an answer to your pasture woes?

John McKinnon

Canadian Cattleman

As this summer unfolds, drought has reared its head across much of western Saskatchewan and Alberta. As a result many producers are scrambling to find alternative pasture and hay supplies and soon will be looking for alternatives to traditional winter feeding programs.

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Preconditioning premiums soar

Preconditioning premiums soar

Alan Newport


n the past two or three years it appeared calf buyers were starting to pay a little more for preconditioned calves; then along came 2014. Early reports suggest preconditioning values shot up from previous values of about $35 to $50 per calf to more than $100 per head.

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Missouri Red Angus Association Creates Centralized Bull Test

Missouri Red Angus Association Creates Centralized Bull Test

A Steak in Genomics

The Missouri Red Angus Association invites all Red Angus breeders large and small, near and far, to participate in a newly established bull test. Come and join the new era of the Missouri Red Angus Association.

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EPA needs to listen to farmers

EPA needs to listen to farmers

Meghan Grebner

Brownfield Network

Indiana Senator Joe Donnelly says EPA’s Clean Water Rule lacks common sense.  “Instead of the EPA coming on high from Washington, DC telling us what to do – they listen to us,” he says.  “They need to listen to our farmers and find out from us how to best make sure the waters in our state are clean.  We focus on the right targets instead of scatter-shot things that the EPA doesn’t even understand in DC.”

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A good story about a good grass

A good story about a good grass

Mike Rankin

Hay and Forage Producer

In the current world of agriculture where technology rules the day, there is one forage feel good story that is founded on nothing more than keen observation. Perhaps you’ve already heard the story and the results, but it’s a tale that is really too good — too improbable — not to review more than once. Stuff like this rarely happens anymore; we tend to discover new things, not old ones.

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Five Quick Tips for Weaning

Five Quick Tips for Weaning

Kevin Hill

Angus Beef Bulletin

Reducing stress at weaning can help protect calves against bovine respiratory disease (BRD) and set them up for success in the feedlot. Calves are especially vulnerable and immune-compromised when weaning-related stressors — namely separation from the cow, vaccination, shipping, commingling and nutritional changes — all happen within a short timeframe.

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A Pragmatic View of Clipping Pastures

A Pragmatic View of Clipping Pastures

Troy Bishopp

On Pasture

Clipping is one of the top ten topics discussed at any pasture walk. It’s basically the concept of using mechanical equipment to deal with out of control forage growth, get the grass back to a vegetative state, thwart weed proliferation or keep the place tidy. When it comes to the practice of clipping, bush-hogging or pruning pastures, I have waffled more than a politician.

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