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Zelnate Designed to Help the Immune System of a Beef Calf Fight BRD

Zelnate Designed to Help the Immune System of a Beef Calf Fight BRD

Oklahoma Farm Report

In late summer, Bayer Animal Health officially released a new product that is designed to help a beef calf’s immune system battle a billion dollar problem that the US cattle industry faces- Bovine Respiratory Disease.

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Managing Stocker on Poor Forage

Managing Stocker on Poor Forage

Terri Queck-matzie

Feedlot Magazine

Trying to grow stocker cattle on sparse forage is tricky business. Purina Animal Nutrition Cattle Consultant Chance Farmer, Ph.D, says the first element to tackle is producer expectation. “They’re not going to gain an enormous amount,” says Farmer. “It’s just not logical to expect they will.”

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What is the best size cow for your herd?

What is the best size cow for your herd?

University of Missouri

Beef cows come in all shapes and sizes. The question about cow size comes up frequently according to Eldon Cole, livestock specialist with University of Missouri Extension. "In the last few years it is because the cow herd owners all-of-a-sudden realized they had some cows that weighed 1,600 to 2,000 pounds when they sold them. That began a trend toward moderating cow size," said Cole.

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Ex-State Fair manager Patrick Buchen blasts Rauner administration

Ex-State Fair manager Patrick Buchen blasts Rauner administration

Carla Jimenez, Doug Finke

The State Journal Register

Former Illinois State Fair manager Patrick Buchen blasted Gov. Bruce Rauner’s administration on Friday, saying that he and former Department of Agriculture Director Philip Nelson were forced to resign because of cronyism and interference. Buchen and Nelson announced their resignations late Thursday afternoon. Rauner’s office issued a statement immediately following the announcement saying the governor appreciated Nelson’s "commitment to agriculture and his service to the people of Illinois."

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Property rights and rancher safety are high stakes for southwest landowners

Property rights and rancher safety are high stakes for southwest landowners

Charlene Finck and Clinton Griffiths

Farm Journal

Arizona ranchers are no stranger to fixing fence, but the imposing metal and concrete fence that stretches 1,651 miles along the U.S. and Mexico border represents a host of problems for ranchers they can’t fix. The towering fence that reaches up to 21’6" tall was built by Homeland Security to secure the border. However, it’s an often-breached barrier that represents the challenges ranchers along the border face each day. The rocky, arid terrain known as the Tucson Sector is one of the most heavily travelled drug corridors in the country.

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Making Money With Easter Egg Cows and Rejects

Making Money With Easter Egg Cows and Rejects

Don Ashford

On Pasture

The cows in our pastures don’t look anything similar to the cows in most pastures in our area. There are many reasons for this but the main one I guess is that we are not willing to pay for the “good kind.” So consequently, our cows are every color that it is possible for a cow to be.

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Bringing Back the Cows With Swath Grazing

Bringing Back the Cows With Swath Grazing


Swath grazing is a way to revive the once widespread practice of letting cattle graze all winter in the Northern Plains. With swath grazing, farmers pile crop residue into rows, known as “swaths,” that stand as high as 16 inches. Cattle can usually push with ease through up to 2 feet of snow to graze on these crop residues or other high quality forages.

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Are the bulls ready for the fall breeding season?

Are the bulls ready for the fall breeding season?

Glen Selk


The fall breeding season is about two months away.  If you have not assessed your bull battery recently, time is running out.  Contact your local large animal veterinarian and make arrangements to see that your bulls of all ages pass a breeding soundness exam.  Late summer high temperatures may reduce bull fertility for several weeks after the weather has moderated.

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Breaking the bale storage speed limit

Breaking the bale storage speed limit

Mike Rankin

Hay and Forage Grower

Large round bales have been a popular hay package for many years. To see them piled or rowed outdoors along fields and buildings has become a part of the rural landscape in many parts of the country. Outdoor storage is convenient, but it’s not always cheap. Some bales will largely maintain their forage weight and quality, others will not. But why?

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NCBA Urges Swift Conclusion to Trans-Pacific Partnership

NCBA Urges Swift Conclusion to Trans-Pacific Partnership


“Cattlemen and women have high expectations for the TPP as a true 21st century agreement, eliminating tariff and non-tariff trade barriers across 12 member countries,” said Philip Ellis, NCBA president. “We are encouraged by reports of a ministerial meeting this week in Atlanta and urge our negotiators to work quickly to bring this agreement to conclusion. Every day that goes by without a comprehensive agreement erodes our market share in these member countries and it is imperative that our negotiators find common ground.”

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