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BeefTalk: Pondering Growth in the Beef Business

BeefTalk: Pondering Growth in the Beef Business

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

What is the beef industry doing with all the potential to grow meat in the business? So much information is available today that producers need to make themselves stop and ponder what the information means. Continually marching down the path without input plus pondering does not create a thoughtful environment.

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Weaning is an excellent time to check calf body condition score

Weaning is an excellent time to check calf body condition score

Lyssa Seefeldt

Beef Producer

Whenever we think about weaning, we are thinking about the calves. Did they get their vaccinations on time? Did we give the calves enough time to adjust to the dam not being around/accessible? Do we have the right ration at the bunk?

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Sandhills ranch becomes outdoor classroom

Sandhills ranch becomes outdoor classroom

Mary Crawford

North Platte Bulletin

A new partnership demonstrates that conservationists and ranchers are looking at the future with similar hopes.  The Nature Conservancy in Nebraska bought the 840-acre Graves Ranch in Garden County in 1983 because its conservation value was profound. For years, blowout penstemon was thought to be extinct, until 3,000 plants were discovered in the Sandhills – with a third of them on the Graves Ranch.

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Successful Calving Depends on Forward Thinking

Successful Calving Depends on Forward Thinking

Clifford Mitchell

Cattle Today

Calving season is the beginning of a long process that gets most operators paid for the work done throughout the year. A high percentage of live calves, especially in this market, should pay dividends to diligent ranchers.

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Beef’s Meaty Profits Slow Effort to Boost Antibiotic-Free Production

Beef’s Meaty Profits Slow Effort to Boost Antibiotic-Free Production

Wall Street Journal


Oregon cattleman Gary Bailey says business at his ranch has thrived in recent years thanks to growing consumer hunger for meat produced without antibiotics. But the 36-year-old has struggled in another role: recruiting fellow ranchers to leave the conventional beef market and join his rancher cooperative, Country Natural Beef, a supplier to Whole Foods Market Inc. Many of those conventional ranchers are already earning some of their biggest-ever profits.

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Marketing Manure to Crop Producers

Marketing Manure to Crop Producers

Amy Millmier Schmidt

University of Nebraska

Remember when you couldn’t give manure away? Times have certainly changed. Given the continued trend of high fertilizer prices, manure continues to gain popularity as a fertilizer in cropping systems where it may have been overlooked previously.

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Target Noxious Weeds This Fall

Target Noxious Weeds This Fall


If they have not been treated yet, it is now time to spray those perennial weeds we battle every year. Fall is an excellent time to treat Canada thistle, leafy spurge, and other noxious weeds around the farm and home.

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Length of weaning period but not timing of vaccination affects feedlot receiving performance and health

Length of weaning period but not timing of vaccination affects feedlot receiving performance and health

Macek, M.J.; Iliff, J.W.; Schmidt, T.B.; Pacheco, L.A.; Olson, K. C.; Jaeger, John R.; Thomson, Daniel U.

Kansas State University

Weaning and preconditioning programs are thought to be crucial to calf health and performance during the finishing period. The stress of maternal separation, changes in diet, environmental changes, and exposure to unfamiliar pathogens increase susceptibility of recently weaned calves to bovine respiratory disease. Vaccination programs are implemented near weaning to decrease the incidence of respiratory disease.

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To have and to hold and to never be culled

To have and to hold and to never be culled

Laura Mushrush


What do workers in production agriculture, fishing and forestry fields all have in common? According to information collected by the U.S. Census, they’re the most likely to choose a spouse within the same professional occupation – a whopping 25 percent, to be exact, with farmers and ranchers trailing along at 20 percent.

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Wagonhound Land and Livestock honored as 2015 Commercial Producer of the Year

Wagonhound Land and Livestock honored as 2015 Commercial Producer of the Year


Recognizing the importance and value of the commercial cattle producer, Wagonhound Land and Livestock, Douglas, Wyoming, was honored as the 2015 Commercial Producer of the Year at the 2015 Red Angus Association of America National Convention. Craig Bieber, Leola, South Dakota, made the presentation. Ranch owner Art Nicholas and ranch manager Dustin Ewing accepted the award.

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