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Manage Pastures to Best Provide for Nutritional Needs

Manage Pastures to Best Provide for Nutritional Needs

Stephen B. Blezinger, Ph.D., PAS

Selection of how the production cycle is timed is a decision not to be made lightly. In many cases, commercial producers may choose to calve in the fall since when these calves are ready to wean and potentially sell in the spring or early summer when the overall numbers are somewhat lower (i.e. overall supply of weaned calves is down since the majority of producers still market calves late in the summer or early in the fall).

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Going Mob:  Getting Intense About Forages

Going Mob:  Getting Intense About Forages

Barb Baylor Anderson

Progressive Farmer

No matter what day of the year it happens to be in southern Illinois, Cliff Schuette can always look out his door and see his Simmental-Angus cow herd grazing. It’s by design.

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Cornstalks to get the call-up

Cornstalks to get the call-up

Travis Meteer

University of Illinois

When a player gets injured and goes on the DL, the manager calls up a player from the minors. This year your hay crop likely got injured. So as the manager, you need to call-up the reserves… cornstalks. As an analyst (nutritionist), cornstalks will serve as a worthy replacement. But, don’t expect cornstalks to make the all-star team. Cornstalks, when used in a balanced ration, will work well.

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November release of retaliatory tariff decision

November release of retaliatory tariff decision

Brownfield Network

November 27th is the date for a WTO arbitration panel to issue its final decision on the amount of retaliation Canada and Mexico can charge the U.S. over its Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) law. Last week, Canada and Mexico defended their estimates of $3.2 Billion for retaliation against COOL and the U.S. has stuck by its much lower estimates.  The tariffs would be charged on agriculture and manufacturing goods.

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Cattle market musings from a frustrated rancher

Cattle market musings from a frustrated rancher

Troy Marshall


Fed cattle futures were up the limit in the nearby months on Tuesday. Feeder cattle were up anywhere from $2-$4. While that generated a lot of discussion from the experts on why bullishness returned to the pit after the bearish sentiments of the last several weeks, it appears it is linked to China’s recent monetary devaluation and the overall market’s reaction.

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Late Season Hay Production: Overcoming Protein Deficiency

Late Season Hay Production: Overcoming Protein Deficiency

Taylor Grussing

Beef Today

Although it is late in the season, producers may want and/or need to put up this hay in order to have adequate feed stored for the winter. However, there will be limitations on how this harvested forage can be utilized.

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Advantages of reproductive technologies

Advantages of reproductive technologies

Cliff Lamb

Angus Journal

I was recently asked to give a talk discussing the advantages of current and future reproductive technologies for beef cattle production systems. While preparing the presentation, I began to realize the significant impact that reproductive management technologies have contributed to enhancing the efficiency and productivity of beef production in the United States.

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Farm Briefs: Cargill trying to modernize meat

Farm Briefs: Cargill trying to modernize meat

Kevin Welch

Amarillo Globe News

The cattle feeding arm of Cargill is working to analyze the way the cattle it buys and raises are produced. The first step is designing the questions to ask and metrics to measure in collaboration with consulting and accounting firm K-Coe Isom seeking to create a verified beef supply chain sustainability assessment program.

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Strengthening the veterinary-client-patient relationship

Strengthening the veterinary-client-patient relationship

JoAnn Alumbaugh

Pork Network

The Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) Guidance 213 puts an end to performance-enhancement uses of most feed-grade antimicrobials. Some of the same products however, are labeled for prevention or control of disease, and the VFD rule places those applications under the control of a licensed veterinarian.

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Senate Reauthorizes Mandatory Livestock Price Reporting Without Critical Provision

Senate Reauthorizes Mandatory Livestock Price Reporting Without Critical Provision


The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association appreciates the efforts of the Senate in reauthorizing Mandatory Livestock Price Reporting through 2020. NCBA President, Philip Ellis, a Wyoming cattle producer, said this information provides producers greater transparency in market conditions.

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