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Salvaging Leftover Pumpkins for Beef Cattle

Salvaging Leftover Pumpkins for Beef Cattle

Karla H. Jenkins

University of Nebraska

Cattle producers are always looking for ways to reduce feed costs for beef cattle production. One possibility is to use commodities that are available at salvage value.

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The Top 10 reasons a farmer wouldn’t survive city life

The Top 10 reasons a farmer wouldn’t survive city life


10. People stare at your Stetson and ignore the kid with the safety pins through his eyebrow.

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Your Success Comes From Pasture Plant Structure and Quality and Animals’ Grazing Skills

Your Success Comes From Pasture Plant Structure and Quality and Animals’ Grazing Skills

Beth Burritt

On Pasture

In general, the more livestock eat, the more weight they gain or milk they produce. Thus, forage intake is key to animal performance. Agronomists manage for plant density and height to ensure livestock maximize intake. While this plant structure emphasisis important, intake is not dictated by structure alone. Forage quality, current nutritional state, and experience also affect forage intake by livestock.

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The Veterinary Feed Directive: what does it all mean?

The Veterinary Feed Directive: what does it all mean?

Dr. Heidi Ward


In 1996, Congress enacted the Animal Drug Availability Act (ADAA) for the approval and marketing of new animal drugs and medicated feeds. Before that time, drugs used in the animal industry were either over-the-counter or prescription-based. The ADAA created a new category of products called veterinary feed directive drugs (VFD drugs). 

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Cattle Can Have A Postive Impact On The Environment

Cattle Can Have A Postive Impact On The Environment

Lisa Barry


The Earth has always had large numbers of grazing animals, and they play a key role in ensuring the ecosystem functions properly, but human activity and climate change have drastically lowered their populations in the wild.

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New head of animal science says UW right fit

New head of animal science says UW right fit

Tri State Livestock News

Mike Day became head of the Department of Animal Science the end of July, ending his career with The Ohio State University and beginning a new one at the University of Wyoming.

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Celebrating Agriculture on Labor Day

Celebrating Agriculture on Labor Day

Stewart Truelsen

The Voice of Agriculture

The first Labor Day celebration was a big parade held on September 5, 1882 in New York City. Organized by trade unions to impress employers and politicians, it overlooked farmers even though 49 percent of American workers were employed on farms at the time. In 1894, Labor Day became a national holiday by an act of Congress.

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The Black Cowboys Of Florida

The Black Cowboys Of Florida

Linton Weeks


Cattle ranching in Florida emerged in a parallel universe to the conventional cowboy culture of the American West.

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Corn Silage Value

Corn Silage Value

Ki Fanning, PHD, PAS

Feedlot Magazine

For the past 15 years, the price of byproducts and crop residue reduced the price that many of us could pay for corn silage (per ton) to much less than 10 times the bushel price of corn.

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Judge considers scope of water rule injunction

Judge considers scope of water rule injunction

Ken Anderson

Brownfield Network

Attorneys filed written arguments with a North Dakota judge Tuesday as to whether his temporary injunction blocking EPA’s Clean Water Rule should apply to all 50 states.

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