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Willie is a great example of the compassionate cowman.  He should be a poster boy for St. Francis of Assisi, except St. Francis is in Kansas and Willie lives in Colorado.

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Taking Advantage of Higher Prices by Implanting Calves

Taking Advantage of Higher Prices by Implanting Calves

Warren Rusche


Right now cow calf producers are enjoying some of the highest prices we’ve ever seen. Any tools that producers can use to improve performance and increase production are much more valuable and important than in the past.

One tool available to cow calf producers is implanting suckling calves with a growth promotant implant.

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Increased Weaning Weights

Increased Weaning Weights


Are increased weaning weights always added value?

Are you always trying for increased weaning weights?

Have you computed the value of those added pounds of increased weaning weights?

The decision to include a management practice that adds weaning weights to calves should be based on two parts of the business equation.

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 Cattle Feeders Running Out of Magic Tricks, Peel Says

 Cattle Feeders Running Out of Magic Tricks, Peel Says

Oklahoma Farm Report

The latest USDA Cattle on Feed report indicated that April feedlot placements were down 15 percent from last year. Month to month swings in feedlot placements and marketings are common and any one month does necessarily indicate a trend.

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Urgent Action Required on Falling Food Productivity

Urgent Action Required on Falling Food Productivity


In advance of the G8 summit, Elanco president Jeff Simmons warns global leaders that food productivity is not keeping pace with food demand now and in the immediate future.

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Immunology of the weaning calf

Immunology of the weaning calf

Geni Wren

Bovine Veterinarian

Mother Nature does an excellent job of passing down immunity to calves from their dams, provided that the dam’s colostrum is rich in antibodies, the calf gets it at the critical early hours after birth, and the calf gets sufficient volume.

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Run With the Right Bull

Run With the Right Bull

Mark Parker

Progressive Farmer

There are a lot of important chores on the Oklahoma ranch Dale Johnston and his family run, but bull selection may top the list. "It sets the direction of the entire operation," says the rancher.

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Steve Cornett :  APHIS: Not Much Transparency on Market Leak

Steve Cornett :  APHIS: Not Much Transparency on Market Leak

Beef Today

USDA is busy trying to figure out how to handle announcements of market sensitive releases in the 22 hour trading day. I hope while they are figuring, they will include market-sensitive releases from APHIS and other agencies as well.

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Answers to pinkeye problems

Answers to pinkeye problems

Dave Barz, DVM

Tri State Livestock News

Field work is progressing at a rapid pace in our area. By this weekend, we will all be ready for another shot of rain. Some alfalfa has already been baled and rain will stimulate the second cutting.

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This Weed can be toxic to livestock

This Weed can be toxic to livestock

Edwin Lentz

The Courier

Many may have taken advantage of this sunny spring weather by driving in the countryside or taking mini-trips to parks or lakes. You may have noticed fields that have plants with beautiful yellow flowers, some with a plant here or there and others covered with the dazzling blooms.

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