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Rick and I were discussing the uproar about “pink slime.” He said, “Well, I don’t know much, but I’m sure not gonna buy any of their CD’s!”

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Tetanus Shots When Banding Calves

Tetanus Shots When Banding Calves

Dr. Ken McMillan

DTN/The Progressive Farmer

If you opt to band older calves, a tetanus toxoid can help prevent problems.

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Protect Your Animal Health Investment

Protect Your Animal Health Investment

Kim Watson Potts

Beef Today

Could something as simple as an inaccurate weight for an individual animal prevent you from measuring the right dosage of an antimicrobial or dewormer?

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Are You On The Cutting Edge, Or Bleeding Edge?

Are You On The Cutting Edge, Or Bleeding Edge?

Troy Marshall


I don’t read much science fiction, but I absolutely loved this quote from science-fiction writer William Gibson – “The future is already here, it’s just not evenly distributed.” The more I thought about that quote, the more meaningful it became to me.

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Alleged college cattle thief arrested by TSCRA Special Rangers

Alleged college cattle thief arrested by TSCRA Special Rangers

North Texas e-News

Special Rangers Bart Perrier and John Cummings arrested Artrell Mark Carmouche, 23, of Humble, Texas, after information surfaced that Carmouche, who attended the school on a rodeo scholarship, allegedly took 5 stolen cows to a sale barn in Bristow, Okla., where he sold them for approximately $5,400.

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Beef Producers Say ‘Meat Glue’ Safety Criticism Is Unfounded

Beef Producers Say ‘Meat Glue’ Safety Criticism Is Unfounded

Stephanie Armour

Washington Post

Beef producers said the depiction of meat glue by consumer activists is unfair and the industry’s practice of using transglutaminase to bind pieces of meat into a single cut is safe.

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Grass-fed goodness

Grass-fed goodness



The herd began pressing toward the gate the moment Stemple Creek Ranch owner Loren Poncia hopped the barbed-wire fence. All 300 snorted, snarled, grunted and mooed, pushing their flesh closer and closer to the metal barrier. Poncia, with an iPhone to his ear and cowboy boots on his feet, unwound a chain and flung open the gate.

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Virginia Veterinarian, Beef Producer Takes Reins as NCBA Chief Veterinarian

Virginia Veterinarian, Beef Producer Takes Reins as NCBA Chief Veterinarian

Farm and Ranch News

After spending 27 years practicing veterinary medicine, one year as a congressional fellow and more than 11 years managing her family’s cow-calf operation, Kathy Simmons, D.V.M., started a new role today, May 7, 2012, as chief veterinarian for the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA). Simmons will focus on animal care and health regulatory issues both domestically and internationally.

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Cutting meat ‘a dying art’

Cutting meat ‘a dying art’

Phil Ferolito

Yakima Herald-Republic

After raising beef and lamb in a high school National FFA Organization program, Michael Rockholt developed an interest in meat.

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Checkoff Releases Two New “Beef Quality Assurance” Videos

Checkoff Releases Two New "Beef Quality Assurance" Videos

Agri Marketing

The beef checkoff’s Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) program recently released two educational videos geared toward cattle producers and quality assurance educators.

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