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Semen quality: A picture is worth a thousand words

Semen quality: A picture is worth a thousand words

Geni Wren, Bovine Veterinarian Magazine

David Luedeker, DVM, Beard-Navasota Veterinary Hospital, Navasota, Texas, demonstrates the phase microscopic and computer screen the practice uses to show clients motility and morphology of bull semen in real time.

BeefTalk: Don’t Take Bull Fertility for Granted

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

Late May and early June are prime bull turnout times in the beef business, so the final check needs to be done now to make sure every bull is ready to go.

The beef business depends on buying fertile, productive bulls that pass on the desired genetics to their offspring and meet the consumers’ demand for beef.

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Good farm records can save time, increase profitability

Good farm records can save time, increase profitability

Peggy Coffeen

AG Weekly

When there are calves to feed, kids to pick up and dinner to get on the table, it can be difficult to carve out more time in a day to keep good financial records and even more time analyzing them.

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Pluses of forage-fed beef

Pluses of forage-fed beef

Bruce Schultz

Delta Farm Press

Jeff Gillespie, LSU AgCenter economist, said grass-fed cattle in Louisiana are usually sold to individuals who want to buy local beef. Gillespie presented the economic data of the first two years of a research project in which Guillermo Scaglia, LSU AgCenter ruminant nutritionist, is evaluating different forage systems to produce forage-fed beef.

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Cow-calf producers expect top returns

Cow-calf producers expect top returns

Barbara Duckworth

The Western Producer

U.S. cow-calf producers are poised to earn record profits next year and it is a similar situation in Canada.

“2013 is setting up to potentially be an historic record year for the cow-calf producer, but of course it will vary across the country,” Kansas State University agriculture economist Glynn Tonsor said during a May 1 webinar.

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Taking The Toxic Out Of Tall Fescue

Taking The Toxic Out Of Tall Fescue

Fae Holin

Hay & Forage Grower

Darrel Franson’s 60-cow beef herd is healthier and more profitable now that he’s converted his 112 acres of pasture from toxic Kentucky 31 to novel-endophyte tall fescue.

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Why this mad cow disease case is different

Why this mad cow disease case is different


Is the tag "mad cow disease" losing some of its sting?

It looks that way, to judge by the response to the case in California, where a dairy cow taken to a rendering facility to be used for making glue and soap was found to have the disease, officially known as bovine spongiform encephalopathy, or BSE.

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Beef Quality Assurance Program Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary

Beef Quality Assurance Program Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary

Agri Marketing

The industry is celebrating 25 years of commitment to checkoff-funded Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) programs by releasing a highlight video.

Original advisory board members such as Ran Smith, Dr. Gary Cowman, Dr. Dee Griffin and others take viewers on a historical walk though the creation of the BQA program.

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2012 Texas A&M Beef Cattle Short Course set for Aug. 6-8

2012 Texas A&M Beef Cattle Short Course set for Aug. 6-8

AgriLife Today

The 58th annual Texas A&M Beef Cattle Short Course, conducted by the Texas AgriLife Extension Service, is scheduled for Aug. 6-8 at Texas A&M University in College Station.

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DNA: An arriving tool for beef cattle

DNA: An arriving tool for beef cattle


Right now, it’s hard to imagine how future tools will change the beef cowherd.

Today, heifer development costs are high and getting higher as ranch profit goals demand efficiency while consumers want quality.

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