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Blood pregnancy testing offers cattle producers benefits

Blood pregnancy testing offers cattle producers benefits

Peggy Coffeen

AG Weekly

As cow-calf producers are selecting bulls for this year’s breeding season, they know that getting their brood cows bred is critical. And when a cow is confirmed pregnant, her position in the herd is solidified as a valuable contributor to next year’s calf crop.

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Pasture fly control-there are things you can do

Pasture fly control-there are things you can do


Farm & Ranch Guide

Every cattle owner has seen it – all of the cows huddled in a corner as tight as possible, tails waving and feet stamping as they try to get some relief from insects. According to Roger Moon, professor of veterinary entomology at the University of Minnesota, going into such a configuration is a natural reaction to an onslaught of flying insect pests.

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Plan water needs for heat stress

Plan water needs for heat stress

Geni Wren

Bovine Veterinarian

Some parts of the country are heating up already, while others have some time before feedlot heat stress really descends.

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In the Middle of a Food Fight

In the Middle of a Food Fight


New York Times

Other daily newspapers and Web sites tell you about restaurants, recipes and diet. The Times does that, of course. But it also tells you about the ethics of eating. Whether you like it or not.

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NCBA’s MBA Program Reaches Out to Younger, Tech Savvy Generation

NCBA’s MBA Program Reaches Out to Younger, Tech Savvy Generation

Oklahoma Farm Report

With the potential for misinformation about the beef industry to be circulated far and wide by uninformed or intentionally malicious media members, the need for knowledgeable beef advocates is greater than ever.

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SDSU Extension reminds cattle producers to vaccinate for anthrax

SDSU Extension reminds cattle producers to vaccinate for anthrax


The Extension Office at South Dakota State University is reminding cattle producers to include an anthrax vaccination when they turn out cattle to summer pastures.

Dr. Russ Daly, SDSU Extension Veterinarian and Dr. Dustin Oedekoven, South Dakota State Veterinarian, released a statement on the matter Wednesday.

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Do the feds care about antibiotics in animal feed?

Do the feds care about antibiotics in animal feed?

Tom Laskawy


That seems fairly cut and dried. Yet drug companies continue to treat antibiotics for ethanol as if no FDA approvals are required. What’s unclear, however, is who’s truly at fault.

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Montana’s fading cowboy culture

Montana’s fading cowboy culture

Jim Urquhart


“It’s been a wild ride. Thank you.”

And with that Renee and Kail Mantle closed a chapter of American history. On Sunday the husband and wife team held the closing ceremonies to end the last of 11 horse drives they have completed with their company, Montana Horses, after racing over 300 horses through the western outpost of Three Forks, Montana.

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Beef producers don’t want ‘meat glue’ to go way of ‘pink slime’

Beef producers don’t want ‘meat glue’ to go way of ‘pink slime’

Stephanie Armour

South Coast Today

Beef producers said the depiction of meat glue by consumer activists is unfair and the industry’s practice of using transglutaminase to bind pieces of meat into a single cut is safe.

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A Choice With Definite Risks

A Choice With Definite Risks

Nina Planck

New York Times

The modern American is fierce about his or her right to choose a particular “lifestyle.”

So it is with vegan diets for children. In 2007, when I argued in The New York Times that a diet consisting exclusively of plants was inadequate for babies and children, the response was dramatic, and at times, even vicious.

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