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Triangles have a unique place in our world.  Engineers use them to build bridges, romance writers use them to manufacture chaos, Pythagoras used it to create his theorem, and the shortstop uses it to make a double play! 

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A Comparison of the PG 6-day CIDR and 5-day CIDR fixed-time AI protocols in cows

A Comparison of the PG 6-day CIDR and 5-day CIDR fixed-time AI protocols in cows

Dr. George Perry


It seems like every day we are learning more about the best ways to artificially inseminate cattle.  New protocols appear to pop up daily, but as a producer, who is to say which protocol will give the highest pregnancy rates? 

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Record Keeping Does Not Have to be Hard

Record Keeping Does Not Have to be Hard

Clifford Mitchell

Cattle Today

Homework is a part of life most thought would go away after the education process. Hours of learning sophisticated formulas, group sessions where certain scenarios played out or programs simulating the problems or success stories where entities could be successful or not often came with that out clause or limiter that could skew what would happen in the real world.

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Herd laws on the open range

Herd laws on the open range

Derrick Braaten,


In the days of the Wild West, disputes over trespassing livestock likely were resolved more often by a neighborly agreement, or perhaps by finding out who was the quicker draw. Since that time, a substantial body of law has developed regarding the liability of livestock owners when their cattle or other livestock cause damage to property of another.

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Make Buyers Aware of Withdrawal Times

Make Buyers Aware of Withdrawal Times

Dr. Ken McMillan

DTN/The Progressive Farmer

It’s important to handle the sale of animals treated with long-withdrawal products in a responsible, up-front manner.

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Preweaning implants

Preweaning implants

Kenny Barrett Jr., DVM, MS

Tri State Livestock News

Growth promoting implants have been around for over 60 years. They include natural and artificial compounds with anabolic properties. Some implants contain a small amount of antibiotic designed to decrease bacterial infections

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Stockmanship:  Vitally important when handling cattle

Stockmanship:  Vitally important when handling cattle

Robyn Scherer

The Fence Post

A cowboy rides his horse out onto the pasture, moving the cattle at a slow, steady pace. They stay together without fear or stress, and move into the corrals to be sorted. Effective stockmanship is not about hollering or chasing cattle; it’s about getting the job done while treating the cattle correctly.

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‘Pink Slime’ Hysteria Wins, Consumers Lose

‘Pink Slime’ Hysteria Wins, Consumers Lose

Carl T. Shaffer

American Society for Quality

It was like the old horror movie when a black blob descended from the sky, causing people to flee in the city streets. There are at least two things in common between the movie of the 1950s and the recent national episode about a food product now known as “pink slime”: Neither is based on truth, and both caused pointless panic.

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Improving the animal

Improving the animal

Dan Emery

National Provisioner

The next major innovation in animal agriculture worldwide will be in the nutrition area. It won’t be one big event, but rather a series of innovations that combined add up to significant performance, improvement and cost reduction. It will improve our ability to compete in the world market in spite of our government’s best effort to drag us back into the Stone Age.

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Youth “Telling the Beef Story” Video Blog Contest Winner Announced

Youth "Telling the Beef Story" Video Blog Contest Winner Announced


This spring the beef checkoff launched a new video blog contest designed to engage youth in telling the beef story using the power of YouTube. Videos entries had to be two minutes or less and focus on one of eight beef related topics, including common beef misconceptions, cattle care and beef’s nutritional value.

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