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Handle arrival cattle with care

Bovine Veterinarian
Tom Noffsinger, DVM, Benkelman, Neb., talks about understanding cattle at a higher degree, especially at arrival time.

Selling Beef at a Farmers Market:  What should you know?

Selling Beef at a Farmers Market:  What should you know?

Lynn Gordon


Producers selling beef directly from their farm through a site such as a local farmers market need to be in compliance with a number of regulations. Meat processing in the U.S. is regulated by the Federal Meat Inspection Act and compliance is conducted by the Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS).

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Bred Heifer Prices Bump Up Over $3,000 Mark

Bred Heifer Prices Bump Up Over $3,000 Mark

Victoria G. Myers

Progressive Farmer

Registered Angus heifers took top spots in Missouri’s latest replacement heifer sale at Fruitland Livestock Auction. A single, bred heifer sold for $3,400, setting a new record. She came off of Lazy P Ranch of Oak Ridge, Mo.

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Akaushi: A Genetic Treasure

Akaushi: A Genetic Treasure

Cassie Payne

American Cattlemen

Akaushi beef inspires praise for trumping other breeds in marbling capacity and health benefits, while the breed itself displays competitive traits such as feed efficiency and calving ease.

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The value of third-party certification claims at feeder cattle auctions

The value of third-party certification claims at feeder cattle auctions

Iowa Beef Center

The majority of U.S. feeder cattle are sold through auction markets. While auctions are very efficient at bringing buyers and sellers together for price discovery, signaling the value of cattle at auctions framework is often a challenge.

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Pressure Points In Genetic Selection Will Vary

Pressure Points In Genetic Selection Will Vary

Burt Rutherford


Weighed your cows lately? Unless mature cow size is one of traits you focus on, you might be surprised at what has happened in your cowherd while you were chasing after growth in your calves and milk in your cows.

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Grass Fed Beef a Viable Choice

Grass Fed Beef a Viable Choice


Nick Wallace grew up on his family’s land just like his father and his father before that. For close to 125 years, 5 generations of the Wallace family have owned and farmed their 160 acres near Keystone, but they never did it quite like Nick.

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