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Neogen acquires Igenity from Merial

Neogen acquires Igenity from Merial


Neogen Corporation NEOG -1.13% announced today that it has acquired the assets of the Igenity animal genomics business from Merial Limited. Igenity will operate as a part of Neogen’s GeneSeek subsidiary, which already has a significant place in the worldwide animal genomics business.

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Avoiding Mineral Toxicity in Cattle

Avoiding Mineral Toxicity in Cattle

Grant Crawford

University of Minnesota

Minerals are a key component in maintaining health and productivity of cattle. This area of cattle nutrition, however, is often overlooked when determining nutrient needs. Because mineral deficiencies are more likely to occur than toxicities rations are often formulated to easily exceed minimum animal requirements.

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Stocker Cattle: Implants

Stocker Cattle: Implants

Lorie Woodward Cantu

The Cattleman

Over the past 40 years, growth-promoting implants have become standard tools in the cattle business. Like all tools, though, implants have to be used as they were designed to get the job done.

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Veterinarian responds to NYT essay

Veterinarian responds to NYT essay

Geni Wren

Bovine Veterinarian

Most people involved in the beef industry are aware of the New York Times essay contest on the ethics of eating meat.

Though many of us considered the contest a joke because the Times writer Ariel Kaminer described a “veritable murderer’s row of judges” which includes several vegetarian, vegan and/or anti-meat/anti-agriculture individuals. . .

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Can a pregnant cow come into heat?

Can a pregnant cow come into heat?

Dr. Ken McMillan

DTN/The Progressive Farmer

Pregnant Cow Oddity-Some pregnant cows continue to come into heat.

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What Is Good Grazing Management?

What Is Good Grazing Management?

Burke Teichert


None of us want to harm the land we manage; however, too often, we manage without understanding the consequences of our decisions. It’s commonly believed that stocking rate can cure all grazing problems, and while it is important, there are other considerations that are more important.

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With Beef Quality Assurance program, UF/IFAS gives cattle rancher training a boost

With Beef Quality Assurance program, UF/IFAS gives cattle rancher training a boost

University of Florida

More than 650 Florida ranchers and ranch hands have been certified through the state’s Beef Quality Assurance program, either online or by attending a six-hour course, said Matt Hersom, a UF associate professor and extension beef cattle specialist.

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Why The New York Times’ essay contest is phony

Why The New York Times’ essay contest is phony

Lisa Henderson


Remember how you and your friends created games when you were children? And do you remember making up the rules as the game progressed? That’s what is happening at The New York Times with its phony essay contest about the ethics of eating meat.

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Valuable Information in Production Records Back

Valuable Information in Production Records Back

Ken Olson


Most beef cattle producers know about the IRM red books or other similar products that can be carried around in your shirt pocket to keep calving records and all kinds of other valuable information about your cow herd management throughout the year. Many faithfully carry them throughout the year and record abundant information.

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U.S. plan on mad cow safety best in world

U.S. plan on mad cow safety best in world

Kearney Hub

The United States has done much since the height of the mad cow disease outbreak in 1992 to refine and perfect BSE prevention and detection systems, but our nation’s great success in keeping infected animals out of the food chain is unfairly the target of bad publicity and knee-jerk reactions.

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