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Better Times Ahead

Better Times Ahead

Burt Rutherford

BEEF Magazine

Cow-calf producers might look at 2009 in the same light as their sophomore year in high school — something to be endured while they look forward to the rewards that come with being a senior.

Since it’s likely that your sophomore experience is but a dim memory, focus instead on your senior year. Chances are, the memories still shine bright. So it may be in the cattle business, too.

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It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a real cowboy walk into the urban world spotlight and take it by storm! Not since Ben Johnson, Wilford Brimley, Nolan Ryan and Mac Baldridge, could I have pointed and said, “He’s one of us.”

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Predicting Bull Fertility

Predicting Bull Fertility

W. Dee Whittier and Thomas Bailey, Extension Veterinarians, Cattle, Department of Large Animal Clinical Sciences, Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine, Virginia Tech

Reproductive efficiency is a major determinant of cow-calf profitability. The bull’s contribution to pregnancy rates is often overlooked. Breeding a large number of cows in a short breeding season requires fertile bulls. Fertility of the male is a major contributor to overall reproductive performance in mating systems that use natural service.

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Alberta To Launch Cattle Price Insurance Program – Susan Crump of AFSC

Alberta To Launch Cattle Price Insurance Program – Susan Crump of AFSC


I have been getting a number of calls from feedlot producers to discuss the new Cattle Price Insurance Program (CPIP) that will be launched by AFSC this summer for Albertan cattle feeders. I talked to Susan Crump, Senior Project Manager, Program Development and Policy at AFSC about some of the preliminary details of the coming program.

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Start Looking at Marketing Plans for Calves

Start Looking at Marketing Plans for Calves

Justin Gleghorn, Brock Thompson Trading


While weaning time is still a few months away, it never hurts to evaluate market plans for the calf crop. Given the current cattle market, the question arises over whether or not retain ownership or sell calves into the feeder market.

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JBS to cease cattle ownership

JBS to cease cattle ownership

The Cattle Business Weekly

Meatpacker JBS S.A. says that its JBS USA business has entered into an agreement with J&F Oklahoma in which J&F will own the cattle formerly owned and fed by JBS USA’s cattle feeding operation — JBS Five Rivers Cattle Feeding — and JBS Five Rivers then will custom feed those cattle for J&F.

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Merck May Sell Animal Drug Assets Before Merger

Merck May Sell Animal Drug Assets Before Merger


Drugmaker Merck & Co. is considering selling some of its veterinary medicine assets or the animal health business of Schering-Plough Corp., as it prepares to acquire its New Jersey neighbor.

Merck executives said as much when they announced the $41.1 billion deal on March 9. As the two companies move closer to the deal’s expected fourth-quarter closing, they are exploring their options for divesting either business, Merck spokeswoman Amy Rose said Wednesday.

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