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No Accident NAIS Opponents Outnumber Supporters at Listening Sessions

No Accident NAIS Opponents Outnumber Supporters at Listening Sessions

Stewart Doan

Hoosier AG Today

  Opponents of USDA’s National Animal Identification System far outnumbered supporters at the eight animal ID listening sessions held so far. It turns out that’s not by accident.

Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance Executive Director, Judith McGeary, confirms her group is working with the National Family Farm Coalition and other small farm advocacy groups to encourage anti-NAIS turnout at the listening sessions, and she is pleased with the results thus far. “The simple fact is that small farmers, people who own a few animals, consumers, we are the majority by a huge percentage, in terms of number of people. And we’ve been loud enough and strong enough that USDA has agreed that it needs to, at the very least, give the appearance of paying attention to those concerns.”

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Managing the Postpartum Interval

Managing the Postpartum Interval

Rick Funston, Extension Beef Specialist, Montana State University

Do you want to receive more money for your calves this fall? Of course, we all do, the key is to receive a greater return than the investment. There are several critical success factors in every beef cattle operation; including managing cow costs, weaning weights and % calf crop. The most critical time period for opportunity to influence these factors is just prior to and after calving.

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Beef producers hope cattle insurance helps stability

Beef producers hope cattle insurance helps stability

Peace Country Sun

Unstable cattle prices have beef producers in the Grande Prairie region and across the province eager to see the details of Alberta’s new Cattle Price Insurance Program (CPIP) set to be unveiled this summer, says provincial livestock risk management specialist Bruce Viney.

“There’s a lot of uncertainty around cattle prices right now,” says Viney, explaining the weak economy is one key factor, with consumers favouring less expensive meat products like hamburger over steak.

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Ag Enhancement, UT Field Days coming up

Ag Enhancement, UT Field Days coming up

Rusty Evans

The Leaf Chronicle

The 2009 Tennessee Agricultural Enhancement cost share opportunities applications are now available in the County Extension Office or on-line at http://www.TN.gov/agriculture/enhancement.

The application this year includes all of the following opportunities for cost share; Cattle Genetics, Livestock Equipment, Verified Incentive Program, Hay Storage, Livestock Feed Storage, Grain Storage, and Producer Diversification.

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‘First 100 days’ provided some hits and misses

‘First 100 days’ provided some hits and misses

Lynne Finnerty

The Prairie Star

When President Franklin D. Roosevelt took office in 1933, the United States was in an economic depression the likes of which had not been seen before and, thank goodness, hasn’t been seen again since.

Roosevelt’s first 100 days in office went by in such a flurry of activity to shore up the crippled banking system and provide relief to the millions of unemployed Americans, the “first 100 days” yardstick has been used ever since to see how each president measures up.

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Breeding Soundness Evaluation for Beef and Dairy Bulls

Breeding Soundness Evaluation for Beef and Dairy Bulls

Brett Barham Extension Livestock Specialist, Jodie A. Pennington Extension Dairy Specialist, University of Arkansas

The breeding soundness evaluation (BSE) is a practical method to identify bulls with less than satisfactory breeding potential. This evaluation should be conducted on every bull at least 30 to 60 days before each breeding season to allow enough time for replacement of deferred or unsatisfactory bulls. The first step in a BSE is to select a veterinarian in your area who is competent in conducting a complete BSE. You cannot afford to use a bull who is not a satisfactory potential breeder.

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Technique key in Cattle Working Contest

Technique key in Cattle Working Contest


Garden City Telegram

Feedlot cowboys and cowgirls gathered beneath the grandstands at the Finney County Fairgrounds on Friday afternoon to hear some advice from the Beef Empire Days Cattle Working Contest judges.

Don’t stress out the calf, judges Mel Metzen and Todd Stone said. Get them caught and don’t fight with them in the chute.

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