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Video Feature: Euthanasia and Critical Animal Care

Video Feature: Euthanasia and Critical Animal Care

Dr. Ron Lemenager discusses the best management practices for care and treatment of critically ill and cattle that are to be euthanized.



When we talk about someone being ‘over-prepared’, we think of a person who is very thorough and able to handle all possible contingencies.

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House Ag Committee Hearing on Waxman-Markey Climate Bill

House Ag Committee Hearing on Waxman-Markey Climate Bill


“Agriculture Committee Ranking Member Frank Lucas, R-Okla., a vocal critic of the House climate bill, asked Vilsack if the secretary supports the bill as it stands with no role for agricultural offsets spelled out.

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What’s Behind the Menu Price of Beef?

What’s Behind the Menu Price of Beef?

Miranda Reiman

Cattle Today

Farm and ranch freezers are often full of home-raised beef, yet producer families still enjoy the classic steakhouse experience now and again.

With a quick scan of the menu and some cowboy math, most producers figure the New York strip list price at a hefty premium to the weekly salebarn reports for beef on the hoof.

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Deal family continues raising cattle at Circle D Farm

Deal family continues raising cattle at Circle D Farm

Independent Tribune

Robin L. Gardner  

Walking onto the Circle D Farm, a sixth-generation family farm, there is a laid-back feeling of rural living.

Many of the cattle that live on the farm are meandering in the fields, goats are lying in the garden, and a big old dog greets you as you get out of your car.

Oscho Deal, 62, works his farm full-time now, and 100 percent of his income comes from the farm.

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State livestock business struggling

State livestock business struggling


Tulsa World

Like everything else in this current economy, the livestock business is struggling to stay afloat.

“It’s been mostly down with fat cattle,” Jerry Nine, owner of Woodward Livestock Auction, said. “It’s been kind of frustrating. Fat cattle out of the feed lot will sell at $82 per 100 (pounds). At that rate, “people there are going to go broke.”

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Conventional Beef is Eco-friendly and Economically Beneficial

Conventional Beef is Eco-friendly and Economically Beneficial


Looking for data and information to help you counter some of the negative claims being made about conventional beef production? Then check out the information provided by the Growth Enhancement Technology Information Team (GET IT), which recently introduced a marketing program focused on the economic and environmental benefits of conventional beef production.

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