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Video Feature: Securing Your Feed Supply

Video Feature: Securing Your Feed Supply

Dr. Ron Lemenager describes best management practices to be used when handling, storing and preparing feeds for beef cattle.

Constitutional Amendment on animal care backed by Ohio lawmakers

Constitutional Amendment on animal care backed by Ohio lawmakers

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A proposed state constitutional amendment in Ohio would establish a 13-member Livestock Care Standards Board.  The board would be charged with developing and enforcing guidelines for livestock and poultry care.

Joint resolutions proposed late last week in the House and Senate, if passed, would get the amendment before voters on Nov. 3.

Ohio Governor Ted Strickland and legislators from both parties and representatives of animal agriculture support the amendment.

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BeefTalk: How Does One Stay in the Beef Business?

BeefTalk: How Does One Stay in the Beef Business?

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

Change for the better means data or records to guide in and out value, direct expenses and overhead within a beef operation.

As a profession, the cattle business never has been easy. Many would sum up their experience as “a lot of hard work and little pay,” and adding a final quip, “but it is a good life.”

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Beef Producers Must Select Proper Needles For Injections

Beef Producers Must Select Proper Needles For Injections


Size and length are important considerations in the selection of needles to use when giving injections to beef cattle.

For injections given subcutaneously, a producer should select a needle that is one-half or three-fourth inch long. Using a needle that is longer may result in the muscle being penetrated with the tip.

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The Best Defense Against Foot Rot is a Good Offense

The Best Defense Against Foot Rot is a Good Offense

Stephen B. Blezinger, Ph.D, PAS

Cattle Today

Every year about this time my phone starts ringing from producers looking for solutions to an age-old problem in their cattle – Foot Rot. This condition is not isolated to any specific area of the country and it’s almost impossible to estimate the countless dollars lost annually by cattle producers in terms of labor, medicine cost, performance and even animal loss. This article will review this problem and discuss methods to prevent and treat the condition. Much of the text was adapted from Kirkpatrick and Lalman, Oklahoma State University.

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TSCRA Special Ranger arrests Welch, Oklahoma man for cattle theft

TSCRA Special Ranger arrests Welch, Oklahoma man for cattle theft

North Texas e-News

A Welch, Okla., man was arrested for theft of 65 head of cattle by Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association (TSCRA) Special Ranger John Cummings and Lt. Jack Woodall of the Craig County Sheriff’s Office.

John "Ted" Linthicum, a 49-year-old man from Welch, Okla., surrendered to the Craig County Jail on June 13 after confessing he had sold 65 head of cattle at the Fredonia Livestock Auction in Kan. for a total of $39,448.47.

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What’s up (down) with the cull cow market?

What’s up (down) with the cull cow market?

Dillon M. Feuz

Tri State Livestock News

I have been following the cull cow market for 20 years and I have analyzed historical data since before I was born. Of all agricultural markets, this market is more consistent and more predictable than any others I have analyzed. I have looked at cull cow price data from Billings, MT to Amarillo, TX, from Salina, UT to Lexington, KY. The seasonal patterns are nearly identical.

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