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Video Feature: Giving injections correctly to beef cattle

Video Feature:  Giving injections correctly to beef cattle

Matt Claeys, Purdue University demonstrated the correct methodology of treating beef animals properly with injectable products.

Storing Large Round Bales

Storing Large Round Bales

Dr. Glenn Selk, Extension Cattle Specialist, Oklahoma State University

University of Tennessee animal scientists conducted a trial to compare different methods of storing large round bales of grass hay. The hay was cut and baled in June in Moore County, Tennessee. The bales were weighed at the time of harvest and storage. Then they were weighed again the following January at the time of winter feeding. The following table lists the type of storage and the resulting percentage hay loss.

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I felt a twinge of sadness when I heard that the SEAM (Social Engineers And Manipulators) had declared BEETLESS TUESDAY in Missoula.

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Creep Forage

Creep Forage

Hugh Aljoe

Southern Livestock Standard

Creep grazing calves is a management practice allowing calves to graze designated areas – separately from the cows – where the forage quality is higher than the grazing pasture. This concept is similar to creep feeding calves, with the purpose being to increase weaning weights of calves, thus increasing their value at weaning.

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Improving production efficiency

Improving production efficiency

Dave Barz, DVM

Tri State livestock News

Spring calving is over and most pairs have been moved to pasture. Sadly we are faced with a depressed national economy resulting in lower meat and calf prices while feed inputs have greatly increased. The cow-calf producer must examine his operation carefully to improve production efficiency.

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Q&A: How long after fertilizing a pasture until it is safe to have cattle graze on that pasture?

Q&A:   How long after fertilizing a pasture until it is safe to have cattle graze on that pasture?

Dr. Jerry Volesky, Associate Professor of Agronomy, West Central Research & Extension Center

A:   Common dry pasture fertilizer usually has the nitrogen in the form of urea (46-0-0) or ammonium nitrate (34-0-0-) and phosphorus can be spread as 0-46-0 or 11-52-0 which is common.

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How the 2009 Federal Stimulus Package Will Affect Agriculture

How the 2009 Federal Stimulus Package Will Affect Agriculture

C. Robert Holcomb, EA, Extension Educator, University of Minnesota

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 was signed into law by President Obama on February 17, 2009. The $789 billion legislation includes tax cuts, additional spending programs, aid to states, students, schools, the unemployed, and communities. This legislation is intended to impact many areas of the economy including the industry of Agriculture.

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