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Pinkeye and Cancer-Eye in Cattle

Dr. Ron Lemenager, Beef Extension Specialist, Purdue University, discusses the causes, prevention and treatment of cancer-eye and pinkeye in cattle.

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Baxter Black, DVM:  THE DARK SIDE

Baxter Black, DVM:  THE DARK SIDE

Two of the richest animal rights groups in the country have recently made the news; PETA killed 95% of the dogs and cats left in their care in 2008 (VA Department of AG), and the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) contributed less than 4% of their $91.5 million budget to hands-on dog and cat shelters in 2007 (Center for Consumer Freedom)

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Advantages in Breeding Smaller Beef Cattle

Advantages in Breeding Smaller Beef Cattle


Breeding smaller animals in the beef industry can be an advantage.

Half the size, half the work and half the expense when you breed from smaller bulls and heifers is exactly what rancher Bob Potter wanted, according to a report on My Fox. "Sixty-five per cent of that animal goes for edible beef as opposed to 45 to 50 per cent off one of the big ones," he said in the report.

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Cattle controversy: Will feds tax cow burps to limit warming?

Cattle controversy: Will feds tax cow burps to limit warming?

USA Today

Dina Cappiello

One contributor to global warming — bigger than coal mines, landfills and sewage treatment plants — is being left out of efforts by the Obama administration and Democrats in the House of Representatives to limit greenhouse gas emissions.

Cow burps.

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Bill would change checkoff marketing

Bill would change checkoff marketing

Tim Hearden

Capital Press

Legislation would assign portion of checkoff to promoting U.S.-raised beef

A bill in the U.S. Senate would allow some Beef Checkoff dollars to be used to specifically extol the benefits of American-grown meat.

The Beef Checkoff Modernization Act, introduced by Sen. Jon Tester, D-Mont., would devote 30 percent of the checkoff product marketing budget to promote beef derived from cattle exclusively born and raised in the United States.

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The Kentucky Certified Hereford Influenced Sale

The Kentucky Certified Hereford Influenced Sale


Are you looking for a good place to sell Hereford and Hereford-influenced calves? The Kentucky Hereford Association is organizing a new feeder calf sale Oct. 27, 2009 at 6p.m., at the Bluegrass South Livestock Market in Stanford, Ky.

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Beef trade under negotiation

Beef trade under negotiation

Jerry Hagstrom


Danish government will urge the European Union to consider adopting sanitation measures that would ease the importation of U.S. beef, but is concerned that provisions in the food safety bill now moving through the House may make it harder for Denmark to export its pork to the United States, the Danish agriculture minister said June 15.

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Mineral lick mix boosting productivity for beef herd

Mineral lick mix boosting productivity for beef herd


Stock & Land (AU)

IAN Wilson is a determined farmer.

He is meticulous in presentation and practice and makes calculated decisions.

And it is profit drivers for beef production which have dictated operations at his and wife Heather’s Ruglen Hereford breeding property, based at Corowa in southern NSW.

Management decisions have been made in accordance with improving conception rates, boosting milk production for the first lactation in heifers and the promotion of herd longevity.

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Dr. Temple Grandin shares animal handling tips

Dr. Temple Grandin shares animal handling tips

The Livestock Business Weekly

Livestock producers can make significant improvements to their operations by noticing small distractions and making simple changes to their facilities.  Dr. Temple Grandin, renowned livestock handling expert and best-selling author, shared a number of animal handling techniques and suggestions with more than 350 livestock producers at South Dakota Secretary of Agriculture Bill Even’s farm near Humboldt.

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Using Ionophores in Replacement Heifer Diets

Using Ionophores in Replacement Heifer Diets

Dr. Glenn Selk, Extension Cattle Specialist, Oklahoma State University

      In an effort to insure more replacement heifers are bred to calve early in their first calving season, ranchers should consider using a supplement containing an ionophore in the growing diet of the heifers. "Ionophore" is the generalized name for the feed additives monensin (Rumensin) and lasalocid (Bovatec). Both are presently approved for use with growing programs for replacement heifers.

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Treatment, Prevention & Control Of BVD

Treatment, Prevention & Control Of BVD


There is no effective treatment that can alter the course of BVD infections, but most BVD virus infections are subclinical and self-limiting. If treatment is initiated, antibiotics, B vitamins, and fluids may be used in attempts to control secondary infections and provide supportive therapy. Changes in feed rations to enhance the palatability of the feed could tempt the sick animal to eat needed nutrients.

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Can You Fix It?

Can You Fix It?

The Voice of Agriculture

In agriculture, there seems to be an opposition in all aspects. There is either too much rain or a drought, or there are low commodity prices courted by high input costs. Whatever the case, it seems that rarely things go as planned.

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Rapid City listening session votes no on NAIS

Rapid City listening session votes no on NAIS

Lyn Messersmith

The Cattle Business Weekly

Western hats were the uniform of choice for the majority of approximately 350 people attending the USDA Listening Session for the National Animal Identification System in Rapid City, S.D. on June 11. Livestock producers, legislators, order buyers, and representatives of ag related organizations and auction markets overwhelmingly spoke in opposition to mandatory animal identification.

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Will Politics Phase Out US Livestock Production?

Will Politics Phase Out US Livestock Production?


How would you react to non-farm folks imposing rules on your livestock production? It is one thing if those rule makers were from your own state, but what if they did not even live in your state, much less have no economic interest in livestock production? That is what has happened in some western states, and may well happen soon in Ohio and in the not-to-distant future in other Cornbelt states, writes Stu Ellis, University of Illinois Extension.

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Young ranchers gain industry perspective

Young ranchers gain industry perspective

Cookson Beecher

Capital Press

Judge describes how national economy can affect bottom line

What does raising beef have to do with the state of the automotive industry?

More than you’d think, livestock judge Willie Bovard of Ordway Cattle Feeders told the young people who paraded their steers before him during the recent Puget Sound Junior Livestock Show and Sale.

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