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Improving Cow-Calf Profitability through Enterprise Analysis

Improving Cow-Calf Profitability through Enterprise Analysis

Rodney D. Jones, Extension Agricultural Economist, Livestock Production, Danny D. Simms, Extension Specialist, Livestock Production, Kansas State University

An enterprise analysis is an in-depth evaluation of the profitability of a specific enterprise, in this instance the cow-calf enterprise, separate from the rest of the business or farm. Profitability is dependent on both the production or performance aspects and financial factors, such as costs, associated with the enterprise. In order to analyze a specific enterprise, good records of both production and financial factors are essential.

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Storage of Wet Corn Co-Products

Storage of Wet Corn Co-Products

G. Erickson, T. Klopfenstein, R. Rasby, A. Stalker, B. Plugge, D. Bauer, D. Mark, D. Adams, J. Benton, M. Greenquist, B. Nuttleman, L. Kovarik, M. Peterson, J. Waterbury and M. Wilken, University of Nebraska

Three types of distillers grains can be produced that vary in moisture content. Ethanol plants may dry some or all of their distillers grains to produce dry distillers grains plus solubles (DDGS; 90% dry matter [DM]). However, many plants that have a market for wet distillers locally (i.e., Nebraska) may choose not to dry their distillers grains due to cost advantages. Wet distillers grains plus solubles (WDGS) is 30-35% DM.

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ELISA testing for BVD

ELISA testing for BVD

Heather Smith Thomas

Tri State Livestock News

There are several tests a producer can utilize to see if cattle are harboring BVD virus or is persistently infected (PI). Acute BVD is not as big a concern as persistent infection – in which the animal can never get rid of the virus. PI calves are the result of fetal infection with a certain biotype of BVD virus at an early stage of pregnancy before the fetus’ immune system is fully developed.

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Dairy producers participate in largest-ever buyout

Dairy producers participate in largest-ever buyout

Ching Lee

California Farm Bureau

To help temper the nation’s milk supply and strengthen prices for dairy farmers, the National Milk Producers Federation is moving forth with its largest herd retirement to date, removing more than 100,000 dairy cows and 2 billion pounds of milk from the market.

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Nebraska cattle herd tests positive to bovine TB

Nebraska cattle herd tests positive to bovine TB



State and federal officials are trying to find out whether bovine tuberculosis has spread from a herd of beef cattle in north-central Nebraska’s Rock County.

The herd has been quarantined, said a spokeswoman for the Nebraska Department of Agriculture on Monday. The department is working with the U.S. Department of Agriculture to stem any spread of the usually fatal disease to neighboring herds and beyond.

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NAIS system will hurt industry competition

NAIS system will hurt industry competition

The Westerner

Inherent to every competitive industry is proprietary information. If one competitor gains access to the proprietary information of another, then any competitive advantage associated with that proprietary information is at best lost.

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Slaughterhouse 0ne

Slaughterhouse 0ne

Jessica Arriens

The Keene Sentinel

In 2006, two New England slaughterhouses were destroyed within eight months of each other: Adams Farm Slaughterhouse in Athol, Mass., and Fresh Farm’s Beef Slaughterhouse in Rutland, Vt.

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