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What to expect when calving timed-AI females

What to expect when calving timed-AI females

Western Livestock Journal

It seems that beef producers are always ready for calving season to be done, but never ready to pull the bulls from pasture. As the length of the breeding season is directly correlated to the length of the calving season, what can be done to decrease the length of both seasons but still get the same number of cows bred in a timely manner?

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Temporary Perimeter Fencing

Temporary Perimeter Fencing

Meg Grzeskiewicz

On Pasture

Over the six years I’ve been raising cattle, I have built 33,000 feet of perimeter high-tensile electric fence, all by hand, with minimal equipment and my Dad’s help. I work on leased land, so I need a fence that’s easy to put up and take down. In my lease contracts, I explain that the fence belongs to me.

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Red Dirt Legacy

Red Dirt Legacy

Dan Miller

Progressive Farmer

Jamie Blythe stands atop a red-clay knob one August afternoon. As this is Alabama, the humidity and the temperature blend into the 90s. Even the cicadas buzzing in the background are hot. Corn and soybeans trace the roll of the hill down past a finger of hardwoods and onto a flat bottom. It’s a pretty view of Blythe Cotton Co. — 3,600 acres of red clay and sandy loams, where no plow has touched its soils in more than two decades.

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Bill would give tax exemption for 4H and FFA projects

Bill would give tax exemption for 4H and FFA projects

The Cattle Business Weekly

A recently introduced House bill is designed to put more money in the pockets of young people in agriculture. It would allow 4-H and FFA students ages 21 and younger to keep more of the modest income they earn. The students could then turn around and put the money they earn toward higher education or future agricultural projects.

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Spring Breeding on Fescue Pastures

Spring Breeding on Fescue Pastures

Dr. Roy Burris

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

There are some keys to getting a high percentage of cows pregnant for a spring calving season. The most general problem, in my opinion, is that the winter feeding program isn’t adequate to support required body condition for early rebreeding. Cows should enter the breeding season in good body condition (Body Condition Score 5) which doesn’t always follow our winter feeding programs.

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Mud reduces beef cattle performanc

Mud reduces beef cattle performance

Alvaro Garcia

Southern Livestock

Every late winter and early spring beef producers usually face the same problem. Whether it is pooled water resulting from melting snow or excessive rainfall, they both lead to mud accumulation. Walking through deep mud to take care of cattle requires additional effort by the rancher.

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Oklahoma Angus Breeder Tom Drake Passes Away

Oklahoma Angus Breeder Tom Drake Passes Away


Services for Tom Lee Drake will be held 10:00 AM, Thursday, April 11, 2019 at the First Baptist Church of Davis with Reverend Chuck Nordean officiating.  Tom was born June 12, 1941 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to the late W.H. & Clifford (Walkup) Drake.  He died Friday, April 5, 2019 at his home in Davis, surrounded by his family. While in High School Tom met Judi Morton of Sulphur.  After dating for five years, he and Judi married on July 14, 1962 and were married for over 55 years. She preceded him in death on October 13, 2017.

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6 Pressing Questions About Beef and Climate Change, Answered

6 Pressing Questions About Beef and Climate Change, Answered

Richard Waite

World Resources Institute

Beef and climate change are in the news these days, from cows’ alleged high-methane farts (fact check: they’re actually mostly high-methane burps) to comparisons with cars and airplanes (fact check: the world needs to reduce emissions from fossil fuels and agriculture to sufficiently rein in global warming). And as with so many things in the public sphere lately, it’s easy for the conversation to get polarized. Animal-based foods are nutritious and especially important to livelihoods and diets in developing countries, but they are also inefficient resource users.

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Beef farmers are leery of advice on controlling gases from cows

Beef farmers are leery of advice on controlling gases from cows

Duane Dailey

Gasconade County Republican

We need a lot more common sense. But, wait! Common sense means an idea that’s widely held, not that it is right. Some things appearing true are not. Over the centuries we’ve learned to rely on science to find truth. Plato, a Greek philosopher about 400 years B.C., started us toward scientific thinking. He urged learning by looking at the world. Study the laws of nature.

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Remember your BQA Ps and Qs

Remember your BQA Ps and Qs

Glenn Selk

Beef Magazine

There are many things a rancher can count on as spring makes its way across the landscape. Green grass, spring flowers and waving a happy adios to winter are among them. Beyond that, spring means calving season for many. And calving season means calf working time isn’t far behind.

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