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Utilize Fecal Egg Count to Determine Deworming Decisions

Utilize Fecal Egg Count to Determine Deworming Decisions

Frank Wardynski

Bovine Veterinarian

Using routine anthelmintics in beef cattle has long been a recommended and accepted management practice to improve animal performance and maintain animal health. For many beef producers, anthelmintic drugs commonly referred to as dewormers are used on a regular basis at the same time cattle are vaccinated in the cow herd at spring and fall processing. Dewormers are used to control parasitic nematodes that attach to the gastronintestinal tract of cattle and feast on blood and its constituents.

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Health, Vaccinations Not Synonymous

Health, Vaccinations Not Synonymous

Laura Conaway

Angus Beef Bulletin

Calves arriving at a feedyard are naturally deployed with a degree of stress, Barringer said. Vaccinating at that time stretches their rubber band of immunity. If the targeted disease shows up, the vaccine may help; if not, that band still stretches.

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‘Beto’to Farmers: Give ‘Fair Share’ of Crops for Climate Change

‘Beto’to Farmers: Give ‘Fair Share’ of Crops for Climate Change

Ken Webster jr


Once upon a time Woodrow Wilson, a progressive Democrat, was very popular with farmers. A long time ago, before Democrats wanted to eliminate the Electoral College, they actually proposed policy ideas that appealed to people in small communities. But those dose are no more because today, if you’re a farmer, Democrat 2020 hopeful Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke thinks you need to pay up!

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The ‘chickenization’ of beef

The ‘chickenization’ of beef

Tay Wiles

High Country News

Editors Note: Sometimes I find an article that is somewhat dated, bu still is a very good article worth reading, such is this article from 2016.

In 2008, when Barack Obama was first campaigning for the presidency, his platform for rural Americans in agriculture was pointed: “In an era of market consolidation, Barack Obama and Joe Biden will fight to ensure family and independent farmers have fair access to markets … (and) strengthen anti-monopoly laws.”

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Two California Meat Processors Join to Make 7th Largest Beef Packer/Processor In U.S.

Two California Meat Processors Join to Make 7th Largest Beef Packer/Processor In U.S.

Sara Brown


Central Valley Meat Holding Company will acquire Harris Ranch Beef Holding Company to comprise the country’s seventh largest beef packer and processing company. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

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Can A.I. really be economical?

Can A.I. really be economical?

Sarah Thorson

Progressive Cattleman

The U.S. cow herd expansion over the last couple of years, along with increased input costs, has caused considerable price volatility. Therefore, commercial cow-calf producers are looking for ways to add value to their operations. Often thought of only as an additional expense, implementing an artificial insemination (A.I.) program can help improve herd performance and lead to new avenues of income generation.

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5 common grazing mistakes

5 common grazing mistakes

Progressive Forage

Cassidy Woolsey

According to Mary Drewnoski, a beef systems specialist with the University of Nebraska, there are five common grazing mistakes that stand out. She explained each and their role in the profitability of operations at the Driftless Beef Conference in Dubuque, Iowa, in January.

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Weaning weights remain flat while harvest weights are increasing. What gives?

Weaning weights remain flat while harvest weights are increasing. What gives?

Nevil Speer

Beef Magazine

David Lalman, Oklahoma State University beef cattle specialist, recently authored an important article in the Angus Journal that looks at trends in weaning weights in the U.S.  (Weaning Weight Trends in the U.S. Beef Cattle Industry).  Lalman notes, “…that trends for WW [weaning weights] in commercial cow-calf operations vary substantially by region of the country. However, there is considerable evidence that progress in WW may be limited by the production environment in commercial cow-calf operations. “

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Angus Association introduces the new beef value

Angus Association introduces the new beef value

Stephen Miller

Tri State Livestock News

Angus breeders are familiar with economic selection indexes and have utilized them in their selection and marketing programs. Although now commonplace, just 15 years ago the use of such tools in beef cattle breeding was relatively new. The implementation of the current models behind dollar value indexes ($Values) were first introduced in 2004, and I imagine at the time created a lot of discussion.

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Artificial cow pies used in worm research 

Artificial cow pies used in worm research 

Barb Glen

The Western Producer

‘Rain’ will be applied to test subjects in a greenhouse to see how it affects worm movement away from fecal deposits The life of a scientist can lack glamour. Case in point, the need to create artificial cow pies for use in research on parasitic roundworms.

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