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The idea that a rancher can only manage what can be measured is commonly repeated.

The idea that a rancher can only manage what can be measured is commonly repeated.

Dr. Bob Larson

Angus Journal

I agree good measurements certainly help when the goal is to make better management decisions. Veterinarians working with beef cattle producers often desire records to assist assessing production efficiency. This helps in the investigation of disease outbreaks, and is a component of Beef Quality Assurance (BQA).

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Two-Step Weaning Left One Cattleman a Total Convert

Two-Step Weaning Left One Cattleman a Total Convert

Loretta Sorensen


Over 45 years on the farm, Ted Lacey has learned small changes in his beef operation can significantly affect the bottom line. After learning how fenceline weaning reduces stress in a herd, the Trent, South Dakota, cattleman adopted the practice, using hotwire and permanent fencing to separate cows and calves.

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When to Start Grazing: Don’t Rush It!

When to Start Grazing: Don’t Rush It!

Chris Penrose

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

One goal I have had with livestock grazing over the years is to start as soon as I can. I put spring calving cows on stockpiled grass in early March to calve with the hope of not having to feed any more hay. Many years this works but not this year, grass is just starting to grow.

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Considering Creep Feeding

Considering Creep Feeding

Grady Ruble

Feedlot Magazine

Despite what Mother Nature seems to think the summer months are approaching and for some that means rolling out the creep feeder and for others considering whether creep feeding is a necessary investment. In general creep feeding is a management practice used when market and/or environmental conditions render it necessary.

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Getting cows to breed back and breed up quickly

Getting cows to breed back and breed up quickly

Travis Meteer

University of Illinois

This winter was brutal. Weather events, poor conditions, and hay shortages have resulted in some cows that will need extra attention prior to and during breeding season. After a hard winter, it would be salt in the wound to have cows breed late and fall out of your calving season. Monitoring and intervening with some timely supplementation is important and a valuable component to a profitable cowherd.

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The importance of water as a factor in livestock production

The importance of water as a factor in livestock production

Callie Burnett

AG Daily

Water is critical to so many different processes in the body that it’s even essential to eyesight. Let that sink in. It’s something we probably tend to not think about, but it’s true. I won’t delve into the multifaceted specifics of all of the biological processes that require water because they are many and I’d be writing a novel.

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As Many As A Million Calves Lost In Nebraska

As Many As A Million Calves Lost In Nebraska

The Economic Collapse

It deeply offends me that the big mainstream news channels have spent so little time covering this disaster.  This is the biggest news story of 2019 so far by a very wide margin, but because it happened in the middle of the country they are not giving it the attention that it deserves.

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