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Baxter Black, DVM:  The Romantic Cowboy

Baxter Black, DVM:  The Romantic Cowboy

There’s nothing like an evening of calving to promote the romantic image of the cowboy. Right, ladies?

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Prevent Grass Tetany in Beef Cows

Prevent Grass Tetany in Beef Cows

Karla Jenkins

On Pasture

As spring nears and grass begins to turn green, producers are anxious to get cows out to grass. However, cool season predominate areas tend to have lush spring growth which can lead to grass tetany in cows. While there are treatments for cows caught quick enough, prevention is always the best policy.

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Three Stages Of Calving

Three Stages Of Calving

Dr. Ken McMillan

Labor is divided into three stages. In Stage 1 (the preparatory stage), contractions begin. Initially, they are mild and spaced far apart, but become more intense and frequent. The cow or heifer will get up and down often, and is obviously uncomfortable. This stage should last two to six hours and ends with emergence of fetal membranes or water bag.

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NCBA’s Colin Woodall Says Green New Deal Only Helps Strengthen Beef Industry’s Credibility

NCBA’s Colin Woodall Says Green New Deal Only Helps Strengthen Beef Industry’s Credibility

Oklahoma Farm Report

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from New York City has advanced the idea of a “Green New Deal,” but at this point a lot of her Democratic colleagues are reluctant to publicly support it – at least when it comes to an actual vote. Colin Woodall, chief lobbyist for the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association says the vote this last week in the US Senate on the Green New Deal was almost laughable.

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John F. Grimes:  Time for Some “Defensive Driving”

John F. Grimes:  Time for Some “Defensive Driving”

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

The term “defensive driving” may seem like an odd choice of words to start an article about beef cattle. Stay with me on this one. When I think about defensive driving, I think about watching out for factors such as the surrounding traffic, weather conditions, time of day, driver fatigue, etc. and how they may affect your ability to travel safely from point A to point B. How does this concept relate to beef cattle production?

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Diagnosing causes of reproductive losses

Diagnosing causes of reproductive losses

Taylor Grussing

Southern Livestock

Reproductive losses account for $1 billion dollars in lost revenue to the beef industry each year. All the way from conception to birth, we depend on a lot of things to go right, whether we are talking about natural or artificial breeding programs. Nevertheless, reproductive failure whether presented as early or late term abortions (miscarriages) result in those animals never being born and having a stark effect on the operation’s bottom line.

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Pre-calving nutrition

Pre-calving nutrition

David Wieland

Beef Magazine

Few things are as important as pre-calving nutrition. The last trimester of gestation, particularly the last 45-50 days, is the most critical period in the life of this year’s newborn calf and also next year’s calf. What is done for the fetus at this time impacts its survivability and long-term health and performance.

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