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A class act: CSU ag professor keeps it real

A class act: CSU ag professor keeps it real

Rachel Gabel

The Fence Post

Dr. Samantha Cunningham knows she’s sitting on a gold mine. As an assistant professor and instructor in the Department of Animal Science at Colorado State University, she’s teaching more than anatomy and physiology. About 80 percent of the students in her introductory animal science class do not come from a rural background but take the class in preparation for the possibility of acceptance into the School of Veterinary Medicine.

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Temple Grandin: Perusing for bruising

Temple Grandin: Perusing for bruising

Meat and Poultry

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Sometimes deep bruises can occur that may not be obvious to people assessing bruises visually. Helen Kline, Ph.D., my former graduate student, conducted an extensive study of bruising at five commercial slaughter plants. The facilities processed both fed feedlot beef, cows and bulls.

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Chute-side vaccine cooler a useful tool for cattle producers

Chute-side vaccine cooler a useful tool for cattle producers

Oklahoma State University

“A vaccine can cost more than $3 per head, and if not stored properly the vaccine can be rendered ineffective,” said Bob LeValley, Oklahoma Beef Quality Assurance coordinator with Oklahoma State University’s Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources.

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Cattle buyers doing the sale barn shuffle

Cattle buyers doing the sale barn shuffle

Beef Producer

This week I’d say the market as a whole was mixed. Now some may disagree with that, and rightfully so. This week it was obvious buyers are hunting for good buys. As a result one market may be lower than last week because a buyer went to a different auction this week, and the auction he did attend was a few dollars higher.

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Rich, intense steaks from older, ‘mature’ cows

Rich, intense steaks from older, ‘mature’ cows

Jamie Feldmar

Los Angeles Times

Flavor-wise, old beef is, by virtue of its maturity, more intensely meaty, with a deeper beef taste, more flavorful fat and complex textures. The muscles in older animals, those around 5 to 9 years old, are more developed, and they tend to eat a more varied diet, including grasses that impart a yellow tinge to their fat.

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Western Innovator: Rancher embodies ‘cattlewomen’s spirit’

Western Innovator: Rancher embodies ‘cattlewomen’s spirit’


Capital Press

Surprising Oregon rancher Katharine Jackson with the 2019 Outstanding Cattlewoman of Year award was no simple feat for the committee charged with making the decision. Due to her top tier involvement in the American National Cattlewomen, Jackson had to be thrown off the scent of the selection process — she was even told another member had won.

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Culling the Beef Cow Herd

Culling the Beef Cow Herd

Heidi Ward, Jeremy Powell

University of Arkansas

Removing select cattle from a herd (culling) is done to improve herd performance and profitability Production and market conditions influence culling criteria Some cattle are obvious candidates for culling (e g ,cows with poor breeding performance or cancer eye),but cattle can and should be culled for reasons that may not be readily observable

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