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Baxter Black, DVM: Two Jumps

Baxter Black, DVM:  Two Jumps

Two Jumps said he used to ride bulls. In spite of his name, he tried.

He had grit, determination and bravado on his side.

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Protect your investment with a scours action plan

Protect your investment with a scours action plan

Lacey Fahrmeier

Angus Beef Bulletin

You’ve likely driven many miles, and spent a great deal of energy and time selecting the perfect sires to ensure this calf crop will be your best yet. Calving season has always been my favorite time of year. Seeing the plans you made on paper months ago literally come to life makes long days during breeding season and short nights making frigid trips to the calving barn worthwhile.

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Producers can maximize profitability in their herds by capitalizing on their environment.

Producers can maximize profitability in their herds by capitalizing on their environment.

Laura Handke

Hereford World

Matching a cow herd’s genetic potential to the resources an operation has at hand is the best way to find efficiency and to improve profitability, according to Oklahoma State University Professor and Extension Beef Cattle Specialist David Lalman, Ph.D. At the recent four-state KOMA Beef Conference, Lalman shared his insights with Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Arkansas producers on the importance of matching cows with their environment and forage resources.

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A Model for Getting Local Meats and Produce Into Supermarkets

A Model for Getting Local Meats and Produce Into Supermarkets

Kathy Voth

On Pasture

Fifteen years ago, it was unheard of for a small farm to sell beef to a supermarket. But today, thanks to Diana Endicott and several projects supported by Sustainable Agriculture Research and Educatioan grants (SARE), over 100 farmers in the Kansas City area supply 30 supermarkets, with meats, fruits, vegetables and specialty goods.

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Contracted Tendons More Common Than You Think

Contracted Tendons More Common Than You Think

Dr. Ken McMillan

Contracted tendons are the most common limb abnormality at birth. In my experience, this is more common with large calves. It happens because their size keeps those limbs flexed during the last weeks in utero.

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Beef Board CEO Greg Hanes On Secrets of Marketing Beef Internationally

Beef Board CEO Greg Hanes On Secrets of Marketing Beef Internationally

Oklahoma Farm Report

Greg Hanes is currently vice president for international marketing with the US Meat Export Federation. However, come June, Hanes will transition into a new role with the Cattlemen’s Beef Board just recently announced as Chief Executive Officer.

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Preparing Bulls For The Breeding Season

Preparing Bulls For The Breeding Season

Feedlot Magazine

To maximize herd bull performance this breeding season, SDSU Extension encourages cattle producers to evaluate their bulls’ nutritional status and overall well being. “Winter is a stressful time for cattle in the Northern Plains,” said Ken Olson, Professor & SDSU Extension Beef Specialist. “Producers often pay less attention to the bull battery through the winter – turning most of their focus to the cow herd. However, bulls that have been carried through the winter have been impacted with the stress of winter weather as well.”

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Daytime Calving

Daytime Calving

Jodi Henke

Successful Farming

Eldon Cole is an Extension livestock specialist at the University of Missouri. He says physiological mechanisms in the digestion system and possibly hormones dictate when a calf is born. He says nobody is quite sure why this happens, they just know it does.

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Fly Control in Pastures

Fly Control in Pastures

Cow Country News

Flies are one of the most difficult pests to manage and although they cannot be totally controlled, it is possible to reduce populations and irritation to livestock. Flies not only cause irritation, but can carry and spread diseases, such as mastitis, and infections and can cause economic losses due to reduced gains and performance. There are various n1ethods that can be used to manage fly populations.

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An adventure in cattle buying

An adventure in cattle buying

Jerry Nine

High Plains Journal

Last Tuesday at the sale barn a couple brought their grandson with them to buy a baby calf to put on a heifer that lost her calf. We had two small calves in the ring—one calf was about 2 weeks old with the other bull calf being a very stout built 6-week-old calf. They let the grandson bid on the calf, which was cute watching him raise his hand bidding.

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