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Mark Parker:  The Top 10 farm sale bill items sure to draw a crowd

Mark Parker:  The Top 10 farm sale bill items sure to draw a crowd


10, Used tillage equipment stored in shade — bring chain saw.

9.  Trapezoid-shaped and accordioned livestock panels ideal for creative cattle control.

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Pasture Rental Rates a Moving Target

Pasture Rental Rates a Moving Target

Victoria G. Myers

Progressive Farmer

Maybe you’d like to bring in a load of stocker calves this spring, or you’re interested in buying some bred heifers to grow the herd. You’ll need grazing area to make it happen. And, depending on the region, there are almost as many ways to negotiate a pasture lease as there are cattle and landowners.

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Tips for keeping calves by mama’s side.

Tips for keeping calves by mama’s side.

Troy Smith

Angus Beef Bulletin

You’ve been there, right? Maybe you were in charge, a hired hand or a neighbor helping for the day, but you’ve likely seen it happen plenty of times. It’s that all-too-familiar scene where the crew has made their circle of the pasture, gathered the cow-calf pairs and started pushing the herd toward the gate. Wise to the routine, the cows hurry right on through that gate, along with some of the calves. That bunch of calves dawdling along at the back of the herd can’t seem to see the opening.

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Stretching limited hay supplies

Stretching limited hay supplies

Dr. Joe Paschal
Southern Livestock

It seems counterintuitive that you might need to consider a strategy to stretch your hay supply this winter considering all the moisture we have had recently, but a lot of hay was fed early this past summer and not much made since then.

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Purdue Extension helps producers ensure successful hay harvest

Purdue Extension helps producers ensure successful hay harvest


With the hay harvest just a few weeks away, two free “Beef Tips” videos now available from Purdue Extension could help Indiana beef producers maximize the quality and quantity of their forage crops. The videos were developed by Ron Lemenager, Extension beef specialist, and Keith Johnson, Extension forage specialist. “Most beef producers rely on harvested forages as a primary feed resource during at least part of the winter-feeding period and when dry weather during the growing season reduces pasture growth,” Lemenager said.

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Cattle imports, beef production and COOL

Cattle imports, beef production and COOL

Nevil Speer

Beef Magazine

This column has highlighted international trade during the past month or so. Of all the topics Industry At A Glance has tackled, that issue tops the list when it comes to reader questions and feedback.

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Body Condition Score and Getting Thin Cows to Rebreed

Body Condition Score and Getting Thin Cows to Rebreed

Travis Mulliniks

University of Nebraska

During the production year, livestock are faced with dynamic changes in nutritional and environmental stressors that create nutritional challenges.  The last year for many livestock producer have been one of those very challenging years. Many parts of Nebraska experienced high, early spring rainfall and tremendous forage growth, resulting in early maturing and low-quality forages.

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