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BeefTalk: Cowsonality Important to a Productive Cow Herd

BeefTalk: Cowsonality Important to a Productive Cow Herd

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension

Developing and maintaining a producing cow herd is no easy task, and doing that task well is close to the heart of every producer. Even when the cows aren’t tagged, every producer can pick out the favorite cow or cows and recite a unique story about many of them. That brings us to the topic of “cowsonality,” the attitude and behavior exhibited by individual cows that contribute to their place in the development of a productive cow herd.

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The beef balance sheet

The beef balance sheet

Derrell S. Peel


Supply and demand flows for most agricultural markets are commonly summarized in the form of supply and utilization tables, often called the balance sheet. The balance sheet generally includes supply components as: Beginning Stocks + Imports + Production = Total Supply. Utilization includes demand components as: Exports + Total Use + Ending Stocks = Total Utilization.

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Tick Control Critical

Tick Control Critical

Dr. Ken McMillan

We have seen an increase in the incidence of ticks on cattle recently along with hot, humid weather. Heavy infestations can lead to serious infection in the ears, as well as anemia—which can have a huge impact on production and profits. Additionally, ticks carry potentially fatal diseases including anaplasmosis.

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Farm bill expires, House at recess

Farm bill expires, House at recess

The Cattle Business Weekly

Senate and House farm bill conferees failed to resolve differences in their respective farm bills drafted to replace the Agricultural Act of 2014 before it expired Sept. 30. The House of Representatives is in recess and will not reconvene until after the Nov. 6 mid-term elections. The lame-duck Congress will have to find enough common ground to pass a new farm law or it will have to extend the 2014 law. If the 2014 farm law is extended, Congress will have to determine the length of the extension.

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Don’t let high winter feed costs stall reproductive momentum

Don’t let high winter feed costs stall reproductive momentum

Canadian Cattleman

Reproductive efficiency is a key aspect to cow-calf profitability. Higher reproductive efficiency means fewer cows are maintained to produce the same amount of beef. Conversely, low reproductive efficiency increases the number of replacement heifers needed to maintain or expand the herd and subsequently increases the per-unit cost of raising replacement heifers.

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US Beef’s International Success Boils Down to Two Things: Its Great Taste and Good Trade Deals

US Beef’s International Success Boils Down to Two Things: Its Great Taste and Good Trade Deals

Oklahoma Farm Report

When it comes to export destinations for US beef, South Korea is No. 2 with a bullet. Kent Bacus is director of international trade and market access for the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association and said recently that while much of the US beef industry’s success in Korea can be attributed to customers there simply loving the taste of American beef, it is also in large part thanks to the fruitful trade deal that was brokered between the two countries several years ago.

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It’s time to grow forage, take inventory, and use it efficiently

It’s time to grow forage, take inventory, and use it efficiently

Victor Shelton

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

Fall is here and it means that our perennial forages are starting to think about taking a siesta. You will want to do three things this time of year: grow as much forage as you can prior to plants going dormant, be as efficient as you can with what you have to graze, and take inventory on how much winter feed you have on hand.

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Prenatal nutrition may determine long-term outcomes in beef cattle

Prenatal nutrition may determine long-term outcomes in beef cattle

Feed Navigator

A team of international researchers from the US and Brazil explored the role that maternal nutrition plays in beef cows during the late gestation periods. The group members published their work in the journal BMC Genomics​.​

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Refining Receiving Protocols

Refining Receiving Protocols

John Maday


While predicting disease risk in a group of cattle is relatively reliable for experienced cattle feeders, predicting risk in individual animals presents a much greater challenge. Veterinarians and industry partners continue to develop ways to predict risk or detect early signs of disease in individual cattle for more targeted treatments.

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It’s strange times in cattle markets – and normal seems a long ways off

It’s strange times in cattle markets – and normal seems a long ways off

Alexis Kienlen

Alberta Farmer

“We’ve got some interesting things going on,” said Anne Wasko, market analyst with Gateway Livestock. “Over the last six to eight months, we’ve had feeder cattle moving north since last fall. This year, we’ve got feeder cattle going south. It’s interesting to see that we’ve got cattle moving in both directions.”

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