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Five mineral myths busted

Five mineral myths busted

Vaughn Holder

Progressive Cattleman

When it comes to trace mineral supplementation for cattle, there is an abundance of information and research to consider. Here are five minerals myths that have been debunked to distinguish fact from fiction.

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Monitor Production Efficiency for Maximum Return

Monitor Production Efficiency for Maximum Return
Cattle Today

While economic efficiency measures focus on optimal use of inputs relative to the value of outputs in cow-calf operations, changes in output values or input costs can lead to improved returns due solely to changing market conditions while masking stagnant or even declining physical productivity.

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Something stinks, and it could be you

Something stinks, and it could be you

Progressive Forage

Lynn Jaynes

If attending a planning and zoning meeting ranks right up there at the top of your list of exciting things to do, then, baby, you’re on the right track applying manure to your fields on a chilly morning with the wind blowing straight toward your neighbor.

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What Makes Grass Grow Back Fastest – Trampling, Clipping or Cow Spit?

What Makes Grass Grow Back Fastest – Trampling, Clipping or Cow Spit?

Troy Bishopp

On Pasture

The heifers moved ahead into a fresh break of pasture while I lingered and admired the trample effect that was left behind. The rough residual was a beautiful combination of chomped grass, top-grazed forbs and a twisted bed of tall, old-man grass folded down like a blanket, upon the soil by the hoof action.

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Ringworm is a Hard Cycle to Break

Ringworm is a Hard Cycle to Break

Dr. Ken McMillan

The only practical treatment of ringworm on cattle involves topical antifungal products. Various solutions, including Betadine, chlorhexidine and dilute bleach, as well as antifungal ointments, are used. For these to be effective, however, crusts and scales overlying the active infection must be removed by brushing, scraping or scrubbing.

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How and when to change vaccine lines

How and when to change vaccine lines

Roy Lewis Dunn

Canadian Cattleman

There are many difficult decisions to be made when changing the brand or manufacturer of a vaccine line. Hopefully this article will clarify how to go about making the decision and avoiding any gaps or overlaps that could develop if the right combinations are not chosen.

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A Look at Trump’s new NAFTA from a Livestock Perspective with Extension Economist Glynn Tonsor

A Look at Trump’s new NAFTA from a Livestock Perspective with Extension Economist Glynn Tonsor

Oklahoma Farm Report

From a livestock industry perspective, the new NAFTA deal that has been trumpeted recently by the Trump Administration, or the US, Mexico, Canada Free Trade Agreement (USMCA) as it will now be known, gives US dairy producers more access into the Canadian market.

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The Real Cost of Limiting Nutrients

The Real Cost of Limiting Nutrients

Dr. Les Anderson

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

Fall is rapidly approaching and all cow-calf producers need to access the body condition score (BCS) of their herd. Spring-calving cows are nearing weaning time and the fall is the most economical time to put weight back on. Now is also a key time to manage BCS score in fall-calving cows. Most realize the link between body condition score and reproductive rate but what is the economic impact of allowing BCS to decline?

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ESTROTECT unveils new Breeding Indicator for dairy, beef producers

ESTROTECT unveils new Breeding Indicator for dairy, beef producers


ESTROTECT announced the release of the new ESTROTECT Breeding Indicator, which features a new and improved precision design that includes the patent-pending Breeding Bullseye to help producers and breeding specialists know exactly when animals are ready to breed.

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Six Tips to Getting your Show Calf Project Started

Six Tips to Getting your Show Calf Project Started


You’ve searched high and low for your ideal show calf project, and finally found “the one.” Now, you’re ready to bring your calf to your barn and get it on feed. But, you aren’t really sure where to begin. Jessie Judge, Marketing Brand Coordinator for BioZyme® Inc., who’s shown cattle throughout the Western U.S., offers six tips to getting your new cattle project acclimated.

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