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Use Caution When Feeding Soybeans to Cattle

Use Caution When Feeding Soybeans to Cattle

Kathy Voth

On Pasture

With drought impacting feed availability, and tariffs reducing soybean exports, some of us may be looking at ways to use what we have a lot of to make up for a lack of grazeable forage. While soybeans can be fed to cattle we need to be careful with how much we feed and we need to understand potential, harmful interactions with other supplements.

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Tips to reduce calf shipping stress

Tips to reduce calf shipping stress

Western Livestock Journal

Change is never easy. That is true if you’re a young person moving away to attend college, someone changing jobs or a freshly-weaned calf with a long truck ride in its future. However, in each of these scenarios there are ways to lessen the stress and make the transition a little easier.

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Six Common Ailments and the Mistakes that Make Them Worse

Six Common Ailments and the Mistakes that Make Them Worse

Victoria G. Myers

Progressive Farmer

Sometimes in the cattle business, it pays to keep things simple. Most herd health problems, for example, aren’t the result of a rare disease or a genetic defect. They are more likely about the management and prevention of known ailments.

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Communications Corner: The Social Generation

Communications Corner: The Social Generation

Kenda Davis

American Hereford Association

First, let us clarify all the generational definitions out there. BOOMXY includes Baby Boomers, Generation X and Millennials, aged 24 to 74 years old. Generation Z (Gen Z) refers to the 18- to 23-yearold demographic. That is right; there are people out there who are younger than Millennials — I happen to be one of them.

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Testing is the sure way to avoid trich

Testing is the sure way to avoid trich

Larry Stalcup

Bef Producer

As a seedstock and commercial producer, R.A. Bentley realizes there’s little room for error, especially when margins are tight. He knows that getting calves on the ground is essential for him and customers who buy his bulls. That’s why a strict regimen of “trich” testing is a must.

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Plan for Fall and Winter Nutrition Now

Plan for Fall and Winter Nutrition Now
Christine B. Navarre, DYM, MS, DACVIM
Cattle Today
We are approaching the time of year when forage quality is at its worse. In some parts of the state we are already there due to lack of rain. There is quite a bit of research about the impact of nutrition on cow reproduction. More recently, research is clearly showing that the nutrition of a cow while she is incubating a calf, from conception to birth, has a major influence on the calf’s future health and productivity.

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Good soil testing program produces best recommendations

Good soil testing program produces best recommendations

Kyle Haselman

Ohio Farmer

Harvest season is winding down, and now is a great time to get soil samples pulled for crops for the next couple of seasons. Given the current ag economy, knowing what you have in your soil bank is critical when making large input decisions about nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, lime and micros.

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Foot rot or another disease? How to correctly diagnose that foot problem

Foot rot or another disease? How to correctly diagnose that foot problem

Mike Apley

Beef Magazine

The first step of antibiotic stewardship, and animal husbandry, is an accurate case definition that allows you to be sure of the disease you are dealing with. Only then can we say that we are correctly applying therapies, including antibiotics, to the problem.

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Congress Can and Must Complete the Farm Bill

Congress Can and Must Complete the Farm Bill

Farm Bureau

Here we go again. For the second time in a decade, we are down to the wire on the farm bill. While members of the House-Senate Conference Committee say they are close to reaching a deal, there are no guarantees. Farmers are in limbo—not knowing if the risk management programs they need to qualify for operating loans will be there.

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Farm delegation to D.C. comes away uneasy about future

Farm delegation to D.C. comes away uneasy about future


The Pantograph

As the stakes rise in the trade war between the U.S. and China, a visit to Washington earlier this month by a delegation of Illinois farmers shed light on an agricultural industry dealing with change.

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