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Boosting the market: Do implants help or hinder?

Boosting the market: Do implants help or hinder?

Deanna Nelson-Licking

The Fence Post

Hormone implants in cattle have been getting a lot of publicity with the rise in popularity of hormone free beef and the bad rap implanted cattle have been receiving in the media. Implants increase the daily weight gain and shorten the time on feed before slaughter.

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Hunting for Herd Sires: Simple Bull Buying (and Selling) Tips

Hunting for Herd Sires: Simple Bull Buying (and Selling) Tips

Jeralyn Novak
Beefmaster Breeders United

Fall sale season is officially in overdrive, and all signs indicate that the softer feeder calf market is not putting a damper on the demand for Beefmaster genetics. The early fall sales are reporting higher averages than last year, and interest in the upcoming events across the country is encouraging. What makes the fall sale season unique in our breed is that the majority of Beefmaster bulls are sold during this time. Some of you may be in the market for a new herd sire to add to your operation, while others are selling their young bulls to commercial customers. Whether you’re buying or selling, matching the right bull to a set of cows is not a quick and easy task. Here are a few tips that will aid you in the process.

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Frost Can Cause Forage Hazards – Protect Your Livestock

Frost Can Cause Forage Hazards – Protect Your Livestock

Bruce Anderson

On Pasture

If you haven’t experienced a freeze yet this fall, you soon will. And remember, a freeze can cause hazards for using some forages. When plants freeze, changes occur in their metabolism and composition that can poison livestock. But you can prevent problems.

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Recombinetics, partners to develop genome editing solutions for bovine TB

Recombinetics, partners to develop genome editing solutions for bovine TB


Recombinetics announced the launch of TARGET-TB, a tripartite collaborative research project with University College Dublin in the Republic of Ireland and Queen’s University Belfast in Northern Ireland to combat Mycobacterium bovis infection, the pathogen that causes bovine tuberculosis (TB).

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Why the Farm Industry Has Crawled Toward the Tech Revolution

Why the Farm Industry Has Crawled Toward the Tech Revolution

Lucinda Shen


Try to think of how the typical farmer worked 20 years ago versus today: Your image likely didn’t change drastically. That static impression of farming life may have at least a drop of truth in it: The agriculture industry has been slow to jump aboard the tech train. The largest firms in the space generally spend less than those in other industries do on research and development, said Mark Young, CTO of the Climate Corporation, at the Fortune Brainstorm Reinvent conference in Chicago Tuesday.

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Beef industry traceability: Running on borrowed time

Beef industry traceability: Running on borrowed time

Wes Ishmael

Beef Magazine

“Up to now, the fact we don’t have a national animal ID and traceability system has not kept us out of export markets,” says Thad Lively, a former U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF) executive. “On the other hand, we are extremely vulnerable to unforeseen developments that could put us at a severe competitive disadvantage.”

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A golden ticket turns Ruby red

A golden ticket turns Ruby red

Mayzie Purviance

Progressive Cattleman

You know the feeling you get when you put on a fresh pair of blue jeans and stick your hand in your pocket only to find a crumpled-up dollar bill?

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Silage Harvest Options for a Wet Fall

Silage Harvest Options for a Wet Fall

Sara Bauder And Warren Rusche


Fall has arrived in the Northern Plains and Midwest; however, with many saturated fields, some producers are growing concerned that there will be little to no opportunity to harvest silage before corn dries down past desired moisture levels or frost occurs. There is no easy fix to a ‘missed’ silage cutting, but there are a few options to consider.

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OSU College of Ag to honor range scientist

OSU College of Ag to honor range scientist

The Capital Press

The Oregon State University College of Agricultural Sciences will on Nov. 6 present range scientist Dustin Johnson with its Award for Excellence in Extension Education.

The presentation will be during the college’s faculty and staff awards luncheon, which begins at noon Pacific at the Memorial Union Building Horizon Room on the OSU campus in Corvallis.

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Huge reduction in meat-eating ‘essential’ to avoid climate breakdown

Huge reduction in meat-eating ‘essential’ to avoid climate breakdown

The Guardian

Editor’s note: Stories of this ilk are included in the blog to inform those in our industry how agriculture is being presented to and perceived by the public.

Huge reductions in meat-eating are essential to avoid dangerous climate change, according to the most comprehensive analysis yet of the food system’s impact on the environment. In western countries, beef consumption needs to fall by 90% and be replaced by five times more beans and pulses.

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