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8 digital technologies for a new era of beef production

8 digital technologies for a new era of beef production

Aidan Connolly

Progressive Cattleman

The last 10 years have not been so kind to the beef industry. It is facing a triple threat: the trend toward leaner white meats such as chicken and fish, consumer movements like “Meatless Mondays” and even lab-grown meats.

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Constantly Evaluate Changing Nutritional Needs

Constantly Evaluate Changing Nutritional Needs

Victoria G. Myers

Progressive Farmer

Producers shouldn’t choose a ration just once. Nutritionist Robert Barrett, with Producers Cooperative Association, out of Bryan, Texas, says rations ought to be evaluated every time there’s a change in the herd or its environment.

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President Trump’s Remarks at FFA Convention

President Trump’s Remarks at FFA Convention

Northern AG.net

Each year the National FFA Organization invites the sitting President of the United States to attend the  National FFA Convention and Expo. The tradition started with former President Harry Truman. President George H.W. Bush was the last sitting president to attend the event. First Lady Michelle Obama brought pre-recorded greetings back in 2015 as did vice president Mike Pence last year.

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Changes in Carcass Grade Over Time

Changes in Carcass Grade Over Time

Dr. Andrew Griffith

University of Tennessee

The beef industry, similar to other industries, is constantly attempting to be more efficient and create more value in the product produced. Most cow-calf producers concern themselves with reproductive efficiencies and pounds of weaned calf per acre of land. These two things are important because a cow-calf producer cannot afford to have very many cows fail to wean a calf, and these producers are in the business of selling pounds with a limited quantity of land.

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American Gelbvieh Association to Host Commercial Cattlemen Educational Symposium

American Gelbvieh Association to Host Commercial Cattlemen Educational Symposium

All cattlemen and women are invited to attend the American Gelbvieh Association’s (AGA) fourth annual commercial cattlemen’s educational symposium titled Cattlemen’s Profit Roundup sponsored by National Cattlemen’s Beef Association and National Corn Growers Association. Cattlemen’s Profit Roundup will be held Thursday, November 29, 2018, beginning at 1:30 p.m. CST at the Nashville Airport Marriott in Nashville, Tennessee.

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Grass Tetany Concerns

Grass Tetany Concerns

Russ Daly


While the quick green-up on spring pastures is the first risk factor that comes to mind for grass tetany, regrowth during warm fall weather can be a culprit, too. Grass tetany is a metabolic disorder that is associated with lush pastures due to low levels of blood magnesium concentration, which results in nerve impulse failure and death, if not treated very quickly.
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Creekstone Farms Premium Beef LLC Announces New $35 Million Distribution Center

Creekstone Farms Premium Beef LLC Announces New $35 Million Distribution Center

Business Wire

Creekstone Farms Premium Beef LLC, an internationally recognized brand supplying premium USDA-certified beef and pork products, is pleased to announce the groundbreaking for a new $35 million refrigerated distribution center at its plant in Arkansas City, Kan. The warehouse will be a total of 41,334 square feet, consisting of a 35,311-square-foot main floor footprint and 6,023-square-foot mezzanine area, and will include an automated storage and retrieval system capable of handling 27,000 boxes in a nine-hour day with more than 37,000 box storage locations.

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What Is Meat, Anyway? Lab-Grown Food Sets Off a Debate

What Is Meat, Anyway? Lab-Grown Food Sets Off a Debate

Matt Simon


You don’t typically find philosophical bickering at an FDA public meeting. But then again, this was no ordinary public meeting. On Thursday, the agency convened a scrum on so-called cultured meat—animal tissue grown in a lab, derived from just a handful of cells taken from a cow or chicken or fish. Experts, lab-meat companies, and spokespeople from industry groups discussed the technology, regulation, and safety of the stuff, which all seemed to boil down to one weirdly complicated question: What is meat anyway?

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Investigation to predict parasitic roundworm control in cattle

Investigation to predict parasitic roundworm control in cattle


When cattle graze on pastures, parasitic roundworm infections are an inevitable result, according to researchers at the University of Calgary in Alberta. Every year, these parasites result in around $2 billion in production loss to the North American cattle industry due to their negative impacts on calf growth.

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Poisonous fern blamed for calf deaths in northwest Wisconsin

Poisonous fern blamed for calf deaths in northwest Wisconsin

Heidi Clausen

The Country Today

Wayne Jansen didn’t know what to make of it when calves began mysteriously dying earlier this month on his farm north of Turtle Lake. Jansen, who, with his wife, Bev, and 19-year-old grandson, Colton Jansen, rotationally grazes a cow/calf herd of about 180 head of Red and Black Angus, lost his first calf in early-October.

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