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Mark Parker: The Top 10 stress relief tips for farmers

Mark Parker: The Top 10 stress relief tips for farmers


  1. Communication: Explain to the miracle product salesman where he can go and provide directions for getting there.
  2. Exercise: Forget your coffee so you have to climb up and down the tractor twice, throw tools when you’re mad, do Zumba with that one crazy cow in the sorting pen.

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Hernias In Calves

Hernias In Calves

Dr. Ken McMillan

While no one has proven umbilical hernias are hereditary, I do not think anyone doubts they are. Even if hereditary, you may not see a problem again with the same mating. Just to be safe, I would use a different bull if possible.

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Grouping Calves For Sale – Good Idea or Bad?

Grouping Calves For Sale – Good Idea or Bad?

Don Ashford

On Pasture

A couple of years ago the idea was brought up by some of the members of what was left of the Heifer Project groups in our area that it would be beneficial to all involved to put their calves together for marketing.

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Heifer size not the best tool for selecting heifers for longevity in the Southwest.

Heifer size not the best tool for selecting heifers for longevity in the Southwest.

Lindsay King

Applied Reproductive Strategies

Heifers should have their first calf by the age of 2. However, that is dependent on their reaching puberty early, and puberty is a function of age and body weight, noted Bruce Carpenter, Texas A&M University animal science associate professor and extension livestock specialist

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Supplementing for Calf Weaning Success

Supplementing for Calf Weaning Success


Fall is just around the corner, and many spring-born calves — if they haven’t been already — are about to be weaned. We spend a lot of time discussing ways to reduce weaning stress, in addition to using a program to keep our calves nutritionally healthy — and, hopefully, gaining — through this period.

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Despite a Hay Making Season to Forget, Options Remain!

Despite a Hay Making Season to Forget, Options Remain!

Stan Smith


I know I’ve shared this story before, but considering the weather most of Ohio experienced, it’s appropriate to tell it again. Dad was a mechanic for a local farm implement dealer. Once while out on a service call in mid-summer he asked the farmer if he’d gotten his first cutting hay made. The response – in a deep German accent – was, “Yes, it got made . . . but it rained so much I never got it baled.”

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EU Ready for Talks over U.S. Beef

EU Ready for Talks over U.S. Beef

Southeast AgNet

The European Commission sought approval from its 28-member states last month to open negotiations with Washington. The approval process is expected to be completed next week to allow negotiations to begin.

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Culling to maintain genetic progress in your herd

Culling to maintain genetic progress in your herd

Kalyn Waters

Progressive Cattleman

Whether we are watching an NCBA Cattlemen to Cattlemen episode covering a successful commercial operation or reading about a well-established, multigenerational seedstock operation, one management practice seems to be a common thread for success: culling.

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Some allergic reactions can be treated

Some allergic reactions can be treated

Heather Smith Thomas

Angus Beef Bulletin

Occasionally cattle react to vaccine or medication, whether injected, applied topically or given orally. An allergic reaction can be mild and local, like swelling at injection site, for instance, or serious and fatal if the animal goes into anaphylactic shock.

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We Live in a Discount World

We Live in a Discount World

Jared Wareham


What can I do to get more for my calves? I believe the best way to answer this question is to explain it from the perspective of the buyer. Recently, I spent a few days visiting with feedyard managers, cattle procurement specialists and fat-cattle buyers.

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