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Branding, barbed wire and blockchain

Branding, barbed wire and blockchain

Baylie Evans

The Cattle Business Weekly

Barbed wire fences cut across the grassy prairie of Campstool Ranch, stretching out under the watchful gaze of Devils Tower National Monument near Hulett, Wyoming.  It’s branding day, and the cowboys and cowgirls here have kicked their spurs, lassoed their ropes and herded their cows and calves into a corner for vaccinations, branding, castration and ear tagging – the same way they have since the 1800s on this land.

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Healthy Fats for Healthy Cattle

Healthy Fats for Healthy Cattle

John Maday

Bovine Veterinarian

As the cattle industry works to improve animal health and production efficiency while optimizing antibiotic use, interest in natural dietary supplements continues to grow. Scientists have long known that an animal’s digestive system plays a key role in supporting innate and acquired immunity. In a recent webinar, Shelby Roberts, PhD, a post-doctoral fellow with Alltech.

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Walk-Through Fly Control

Walk-Through Fly Control

Dr. Ken McMillan

I like to apply Integrated Pest Management (IPM) concepts that incorporate various approaches and methods to achieve control and minimize development of resistance. The fly trap certainly fits well into an IPM program. The issues with it involve cost of building (or having it built); need for a location where cows walk through on a regular basis; and maintenance of the trap and surrounding area.

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Considerations for Harvesting High Quality Stored Forages

Considerations for Harvesting High Quality Stored Forages

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

On a recent show from WQKT Farm Hour Radio, OSU Extension Educator Rory Lewandowski discussed a number of different considerations for getting the highest quality forages placed into storage.

Longhorned Ticks Now in Four States

Longhorned Ticks Now in Four States

John Maday


Agricultural officials this week confirmed the presence of the Longhorned tick (Haemaphysalis longicornis) in Benton County, Arkansas, increasing to four the number of states with confirmed sightings of the exotic Asian pest. The tick was first identified in New Jersey late last year, and since has been confirmed in Virginia, West Virginia and Arkansas.

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Heat stress and the new tools you need to prevent it

Heat stress and the new tools you need to prevent it

Mayzie Purviance

Progressive Cattleman

It’s that time again – when summer fun hits the neighborhood, unless your neighborhood is an operation with cattle herds suffering symptoms of heat stress.

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A&M prepares for internationally recognized short course on beef cattle

A&M prepares for internationally recognized short course on beef cattle


One of the nation’s largest courses on beef cattle kicks off at Texas A&M on August 6. Dusty Tittle with the A&M AgriLife Extension Office appeared on BVTM to discuss the upcoming three day short course and what guests can expect.

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Ranchers use blockchain in Wyo. beef production

Ranchers use blockchain in Wyo. beef production

Chrissy Suttles

Wyoming News Exchange

Wyoming startup company BeefChain is at the intersection of traditional cattle ranching and the state’s economic diversification efforts. The company is using blockchain technology – a buzzword during this year’s legislative session – to give producers and consumers the opportunity to track beef products farm to table.

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Don’t jump to conclusions when cattle come up lame

Don’t jump to conclusions when cattle come up lame

Roy Lewis

Manitoba Cooperator

There are many different causes of lameness in both the cow-calf and finishing sector of the cattle industry. Making the correct diagnosis or recognizing specific clinical entities will alter specific treatments that are given. This article will review most common lameness issues and what common solutions are available.

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Flexible grazing: Are you ready to add yearlings to the mix?

Flexible grazing: Are you ready to add yearlings to the mix?

Amanda Radke

Beef Magazine

You know the saying, “Failing to plan is planning to fail,” and this quote rings true when drought planning. Seasoned ranchers have often told me if you’re planning for the drought as it’s happening, you’re already two or three years behind when you should have started making a game plan.

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