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BeefTalk: How Many Cattle Should Go in the Pasture?

BeefTalk: How Many Cattle Should Go in the Pasture?

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension

Cattle are in the pasture, but how many should be there? The answer to that question is the heart of a beef operation. Proper utilization of grass is critical.

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Stay on Top of Summer Weeds

Stay on Top of Summer Weeds

Dr. Gary Bates

University of Tennessee

After the spring growth of tall fescue is either cut or grazed, weed seeds will germinate and an entire crop of summer weeds begin to develop.  Horsenettle, ragweed, spiny pigweed, and tall ironweed are just a few examples.  If left unchecked these weeds can quickly begin to dominate a pasture.

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Limit-Feeding Offers Producers Alternative to Herd Reduction

Limit-Feeding Offers Producers Alternative to Herd Reduction

Russ Quinn


With drought conditions firmly entrenched in much of the Southern Plains, the region’s cow/calf producers might want to consider using the limit-feeding method to keep their cows fed, while also keeping feed costs in check, according to one livestock expert.

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Nutrition at Conception and Early Gestation Influences Gene Expression

Nutrition at Conception and Early Gestation Influences Gene Expression

Aaron Berger

University of Nebraska

This is a review of a 2017 North Dakota State University Beef Report article titled “Moderate nutrient restriction influences expression of genes impacting production efficiencies of beef cattle in fetal liver, muscle and cerebrum by day 50 of gestation.”

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Increase Your Profit by Understanding Marketing

Increase Your Profit by Understanding Marketing

Doug Ferguson

On Pasture

Marketing is a terribly misunderstood concept. I have asked many people what cattle marketing is, and I get some weird ramblings about a variety of things.

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How to Handle Your Show Stock in Summer Heat

How to Handle Your Show Stock in Summer Heat


Summer heat can be tough on show livestock – or any livestock for that matter. Heat stress causes increased respiration rate, suppressed appetite, fatigue and dehydration, all signs of a lowered immune response. When we think about these traits and the way they impact production, it becomes very evident that the strenuous expectations we put on show livestock to perform at the highest level and look exceptional while doing so clearly becomes a challenge.

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End of May is payday for cattle ranchers

End of May is payday for cattle ranchers

Bryce Stoepfel

Gilroy Dispatch

From San Jose south down U.S. 101, most folks who live in the valley have little idea what happens in the hills that surround them. The rolling hills are full of life, though, and the cattle industry practiced since the Spanish Vaqueros still thrives.

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Guilty plea for Indiana cattle broker who gambled investments

Guilty plea for Indiana cattle broker who gambled investments

Ag Daily

An Indiana cattle broker, who took his bull calf investor money straight to the casino, plead guilty this week to one charge of wire fraud in federal court. According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, Brian D. Jones agreed to pay back the $473,000 he took from his victims and could face a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison.

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Cut Costs by Cutting BRD Re-treats

Cut Costs by Cutting BRD Re-treats

Douglas Hilbig

Angus Beef Bulletin Extra

Pull. Re-treat. Pull. Re-treat. Does this sound like an all-too-familiar process treating bovine respiratory disease (BRD)? While it’s impossible to completely eliminate pulls and repeat BRD treatments, with good management, a strong veterinary relationship and a more effective antibiotic to treat BRD when needed, you can help reduce some re-treats and the expenses that come with them.

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The business brought them home

The business brought them home

Quenna Terry

Progressive Cattleman

Ranching is deep-rooted in some folks and, for the Griffin family in west Texas, it goes back five generations with their hope of a sixth generation growing the passion they have for living on the land.

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