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Service helps predict pasture grass health

Service helps predict pasture grass health

Willie Vogt

Beef Producer

Just how much grass will those pastures produce this season? For livestock producers, this is a question worth asking, but finding the answer has been tough. For Northern Plains producers, a new online tool could help. Under development for the past few years, the new Grassland Productivity Forecast, or Grass-Cast, is now available.

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Staying off the bloat boat

Staying off the bloat boat

Mike Rankin

Hay and Forage Grower

“We manage it as best we can.” That’s the typical response I get from livestock producers, beef or dairy, when I ask them about bloat issues from their pure or nearly pure legume pastures, especially those comprised of alfalfa and clovers.

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Considering Creep Feeding?

Considering Creep Feeding?

Kindra Gordon

The Cattle Business Weekly

Would you like to see a smoother and healthier transition of calves from weaning to going on feed, as well as boost calf weaning weights by 70 to 100 lbs.? What about keeping your cows in better body condition going into fall and post-weaning – and, leaving more grass in your pastures?

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Beef Exports Continue to Impress with Another Record Setting Month, Despite All the Political Noise

Beef Exports Continue to Impress with Another Record Setting Month, Despite All the Political Noise

Oklahoma Farm Report

Thus far here in 2018, according to the US Meat Export Federation, each month the export numbers for beef have looked really, really good. Extension Livestock Market Economist Dr. Glynn Tonsor says the latest numbers especially, are just another testament to how well we’re doing with beef exports here in 2018.

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Made in the Shade: Cattle perform better when they can get out of the sun

Made in the Shade: Cattle perform better when they can get out of the sun

Savanna Simmons

Tri State Livestock News

Food, water, shelter. They’re considered the most basic of necessities for humans; do they also apply to cattle? Studies throughout the last decade have indicated that shade increases the comfort and productivity in cattle, whether that is through weight gain, milk production, or fertility.

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Gene Editing–Touching All Avenues of Ag

Gene Editing–Touching All Avenues of Ag


Twentieth-century advances in plants and animal breeding did much to help the increasing food, fiber, feed, and fuel needs of an expanding world. But continued population growth, resource shortages, climate change, and pest prevalence makes sustainability a daunting yest essential task.

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Weather and market conditions important to annual low carcass weights.

Weather and market conditions important to annual low carcass weights.

Paul Dykstra

Angus Beef Bulletin Extra

USDA carcass-weight data for the week beginning April 30 brought us closer to the anticipated 2018 low mark for fed steer and heifer carcass weights. It’s commonly understood that the youngest calf-fed, spring-born animals comprise much of the fed-cattle harvest in May. That pulls carcass weights down to their annual lows, as seasonal data have proven time and again.

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Livestock Protection

Livestock Protection

Grant D. Crawford

Tahlequah Daily Press

Many in and  around Cherokee County make their living, or at least part of it, in the livestock business. That is why it is important for cattleman and ranchers to protect assets by mitigating the risks of livestock operations. The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Farm Service Agency is in place to help residents of Adair, Cherokee and Sequoyah Counties.

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Learning can be fun … if you have a cow

Learning can be fun … if you have a cow

Message Media

Last summer, I applied to the Minnesota Youth Beef Experience Program (MYBEP) to win a free, registered beef heifer. The MYBEP program is open to youth ages 12-16 who demonstrate financial need and a commitment to agriculture. Through the program, I won the South Devon heifer – Bobbi Lane. Since I received Bobbi Lane at the Minnesota Beef Expo last October I have enjoyed fulfilling my required responsibilities: taking care of her, writing quarterly progress reports and scrapbooking.

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Auctioneering is where fast-talking and fast-selling meet

Auctioneering is where fast-talking and fast-selling meet

Ag Daily

Do you ever get that feeling that somebody’s watching you? If you’re at auctioneer school, odds are lots of people are watching you — the entire class and instructors, in fact. “It gives me butterflies,” said Chad Simmons, who, along with fiancée Michelle Rose, went through the Mendenhall School of Auctioneering in High Point, North Carolina, this year.

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