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BeefTalk: Future of Beef Revisited – Midsize Challenges

BeefTalk: Future of Beef Revisited – Midsize Challenges

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension

Where does the midsize producer fit today? As we walk through the changes in beef production, if honest, producers will sigh and ask when enough is enough. The concern is very real, as lifestyle and labor interact, and beef production reaches a point where the interaction is negative, not positive.

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What is the Cost of Keeping an Open Cow?

What is the Cost of Keeping an Open Cow?

Shelia Grobosky

Angus Beef Bulletin

Financial survival as a cow-calf producer is like a game of Risk. Producers have a lot of factors to consider each year. Without a doubt, one of those decisions will be what the cost is to keep an open cow in the herd.

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Farm Hack Fly Traps

Farm Hack Fly Traps

Kathy Voth

On Pasture

I recently joined the Regenerative Grazing Group Facebook page. Participants share information and ask questions about what’s going on in their pastures and help each other think about how we can all be better grazing managers.

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The nontraditional ranch built on the backs of day jobs

The nontraditional ranch built on the backs of day jobs

Progressive Cattleman

Lynn Jaynes

Little Washburn Creek runs through the wooded hills of Sebastian County, Arkansas, where Tracy and Julie Leonard created a nontraditional ranch. It hasn’t been in the family for generations, and it wasn’t built on the backs of grandparents. It is built after the pattern new ranchers are carving from today’s economy when deep pockets or family ownership or economical support are not available: It was built on the backs of day jobs.

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Livestock industry faces trouble ahead from vitamin shortage

Livestock industry faces trouble ahead from vitamin shortage

Dr. Ron Clarke

Canadian Cattleman

My all-time favourite TV show remains the 1990s comedy “Home Improvement,” and my favourite actor: Tim “The Toolman” Taylor (Tim Allen). Since the show aired three decades ago, I have crossed paths with remakes of every character in racehorse barns, in feed alleys, at stock shows across Canada, and in western Canadian branding corrals. I’ve relived almost every scene in the tantrum we call life.

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Start Now to Prevent Anaplasmosis This Fall

Start Now to Prevent Anaplasmosis This Fall

Michelle Arnold, DVM

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

Anaplasma marginale is an organism that lives in red blood cells and causes the only major “tick-borne” disease in the US affecting cattle production. Although ticks are important for this organism to survive year after year, transmission is by any transfer of infected red blood cells from infected to susceptible cattle.

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Don’t play politics with the farm bill

Don’t play politics with the farm bill

The Grand Island Independent

Earlier this month, the House of Representatives failed to approve a new farm bill, strictly because of politics. Plain and simple. A bloc of conservative Republicans voted against the bill, not because they opposed what was in it, but as a political maneuver on a completely unrelated topic: immigration.

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Should I continue farming?

Should I continue farming?

Chris Zoller

Farm and Dairy

Given the low prices of many farm commodities and a price outlook that may not be positive in the near term, you may be considering selling your cows or leaving agriculture.

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CAB Insider: Quality Premiums Soar

CAB Insider: Quality Premiums Soar

Paul Dykstra


The negotiated fed cattle market was relatively inactive through Friday afternoon with few sales to report. As such, we don’t have a firm handle on the price average for the week but trades were noted from $109/cwt. through $114/cwt.

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Nevada authorities ask for help after 200+ cows missing

Nevada authorities ask for help after 200+ cows missing

Ag Daily

The Ninety-Six ranch reported 50 cow-calf pairs missing from a field adjacent to Shelton Lane in Paradise Valley. The cows are Hereford and Black Angus crosses with 96 on the left hip and and a year brand underneath.

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